Organic Olivia on Herbal Medicine, Mental Health, and Hormone Health

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For Olivia Amitrano, herbalism is everything. In this episode, she shares her newfound clarity, her experience with psilocybin, her realization of the unconditionality of love, and her hormone journey.

Listen To The Full Episode Here:

Who Is Organic Olivia?

Olivia Amitrano is the founder of a modern herbal medicine brand, Organic Olivia. She is an herbalist, writer, entrepreneur, and podcast host of “What’s The Juice.” She is on a lifelong quest to learn as much as she possibly can about the best ways to support one’s health. Her journey began after experiencing gut health issues. 

The problem worsened in college, so she went to a traditional Chinese herbalist and was told that she had a lot of liver heat, yeast, and parasites. She was sent home with different herbs for the kidney and liver. After the first few weeks of using the herbs, Olivia noticed significant changes in her skin and gut. 

Olivia Amitrano continued to teach herself about traditional herbalism through books, and she studied at the ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in Brooklyn. Olivia loves learning about the different personalities of the plant and how you can match a plant to someone’s essence.

In This Post You’ll Learn:

  • How Organic Olivia’s late grandfather visited and helped heal her eye pain
  • How Olivia Amitrano is now able to see herself and life more clearly 
  • How Organic Olivia’s ego died during a psilocybin experience 
  • How Organic Olivia views unconditional love
  • What questions Organic Olivia asks herself daily
  • How Olivia Amitrano deals with anxiety 
  • Organic Olivia’s hormone and gut health journey 
  • Olivia Amitrano’s opinion on exercise and mental health

6 Lessons From Organic Olivia 

1. Organic Olivia On Seeing Clearly 

One night while she was sleeping, she heard a voice that said something like, “The man over there can help you with your eye.” She realized it was her grandfather, who she had never met before, and she felt the pain being pulled out of her head.

Olivia Amitrano has been sharing her life online since 2012, but recently she took three entire weeks off. At first, she thought it was going to be super easy, but surprisingly she woke up and felt like something was stuck behind her eye. She went to the eye doctor but was told nothing was wrong.

In hindsight, she feels like she was disconnected from her immediate and extended family and when that happens she believes that you become more self-centered. Olivia sometimes feels like she can’t see the bigger picture or others’ needs, and she believes that her grandfather fixed her vision, providing clarity. 

2. Organic Olivia On Psilocybin 

During her three weeks off of work, Olivia Amitrano and her fiance took mushrooms. The couple began talking about their life visions. She asked her fiance, “Why do you love outer space?” and he responded with, “If you don’t take interest in what’s out there, you’ll never know yourself.” 

Olivia had the realizations that:

  • She should take more interest in her fiance.
  • She could ask about things he likes more.
  • She can be self-centered. She realized this without judgment and allowed the moment of complete self-awareness to transcend over her. 

Organic Olivia is learning how to be selfless and bring self-awareness into her everyday life and behavior. For example, she integrates reading aloud every morning. Right now she and her fiance read, “The Courage To Be Disliked,” and this practice helps them have daily self-reflections. 

3. Organic Olivia On The Unconditionality of Love 

Olivia Amitrano believes that you can experience and display true love for others when you truly remove the self from the equation.

She asks herself questions that allow for radical self-honesty, like:

  • “Am I inserting myself here?”
  • “Is there a part of me that is expecting something?”
  • “What is my goal in this interaction?“

It is best to not insert yourself or intrude on an another person’s moment, because the other person will feel that energy of, “me thinking about me.” 

Olivia realized that the best way to support someone else is to give them the space to go through their own emotions.

She believes that people can feel you, so you have to direct your energy to whatever you’re doing in order to create a boundary so that the person feeling deeply can have their moment.

4. Organic Olivia On Anxiety 

Olivia believes that her anxiety stemmed from her interpersonal relationships and from telling herself many stories. She is trying to become more aware of the stories she creates and is constantly reminding herself not to create ones that aren’t there. 

She believes you can learn so much about yourself and about the things that “rile you up.” Olivia uses relationships as a tool to observe herself, as well as frequently checking in with her body.

She feels that we are overstimulated by many things and that it is important to ground ourselves. 

5. Organic Olivia On Her Hormone Journey

Olivia’s gut health has been a journey. She had an increase in PMS pain, estrogen, and irregular periods all because her gut health was off, which led her to experiment with some antimicrobial herbs.

After a long journey of getting rid of foods and trying new herbs, and focusing on her microbiome balance and gut health, she says her hormones are now happy. 

6. Organic Olivia On Exercise and Mental Health

Olivia’s new mantra is “It’s easy” because life can be. She applies this when it comes to exercising too — she loves to walk! Olivia shares that by consistently walking, you are better able to metabolize and digest.

She believes that 15 minutes of walking every day can change your metabolic processes, in addition to building your muscles. Mentally, you’re moving energy as you walk. Thoughts are coming in and going out and you’re better able to listen to your intuition.

Olivia believes that you have to “go slow to go fast” and that you can only be present when you’re taking the time. Rather than having to do hard things, what if things just weren’t hard? Your workouts included.

Want to learn more? 

Check out Organic Olivia’s website, Instagram, and podcast, “What’s The Juice.”

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  • Liver Juice: A blend of herbs that encourage the body’s natural detoxification processes in order to support skin, energy, and hormone health.

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We're Krista + Lindsey. Co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders, best friends, wellness-obsessed spiritual seekers, alien lovers...and always ch-ch-ch-changing.

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