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our fave blender buddy

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that plant-based glow tho

Because there is truly nothing better than knowing your Soul.

A topic Krista has spoken quite a bit about, it's relevant for anyone with a mother. 🙂

For anyone who struggles with body acceptance,  this book will change your life.

A friend of the podcast and POWERFUL being - this one is one for the ages.

On Our Bookshelf

If you want to feel a hug from the Universe, this is the book for you.

Our fav for couples or single folks, great for by the bedside.

Who knew Jesus was that radical? ACIM is great for leafing through for inspiration, or diving in to find peace.

Brain / heart coherence baby - know it LOVE it live it. Change the world.

Life changing for the transition from our 9-5's to creative pursuits full time.