Embracing Radical Self-Love In The “In-Between”

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Release all judgement and pressure around being single RELEASE ALL JUDGEMENT AND PRESSURE AROUND BEING SINGLE

An intimate group program brought to you by Lindsey Simcik of Almost 30

Clearly define what your soul desires and begin to collaborate with her


You find yourself wishing you would just find your soulmate already

You are uncomfortable spending time with yourself

You worry about what others think about your singleness

This program is for you if...

You believe no one will love you as you are

You have anxiety that time is running out for you to find “the one”

You only feel validated by being in a relationship

You want to have a deep connection with your soul

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One of our greatest responsibilities to ourselves during this time is to redefine what was defined to us when we were too young to discern, whether it was coming from society, our parents, or school.

Society doesn’t teach to your highest self because your highest self doesn’t need the validation from society. It’s time to call your highest self to THIS MOMENT. Because this moment of 'single-ness' is when some of the greatest transformations can happen. I can’t wait for you to discover what is possible here and to help guide you on that path. 

Why it’s so important to redefine this season:  

Video Lessons for each module

A 90 Min Monthly Connection Circle led by Lindsey, which will include Q&A’s, deep reflection on collective themes, small group work, sound medicine, special guests + more

3 Integrative Healing Sessions in your Sacredness Library

This sacred experience will include…

Guided Visualizations for Deepening + Transformation

Guided Journaling

Supportive Worksheets + Recommendation Lists (like the “Date Yourself Mini Guide”!)

Unique Integration Practices for the everyday

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The Modules

shining a light on our shoulds

There is a pervading pressure on single people, and it can feel really heavy. Why aren’t you in a relationship? When will you find a partner? When can you move out of that uncomfortable in-between? 

In this module, we will explore how these pressures turn into internalized “shoulds”. Together we’ll examine what those pressures are, where they come from, and how we can release them. Releasing the pressure is not as easy as just saying “I release this” and poof it’s magically gone. Most pressure is so tangled up in our being that the letting go of it must be slow, steady, and done with patience and compassion. Your shoulds will gently dissolve through this process.

naming the fears

It can feel comfortable to hold on to the fear because it keeps us safe and protected from hurt. But it also keeps us small. This module isn’t about being free of fear. It’s about confronting it head on, seeing it, identifying it, sitting with it, speaking to it, and learning from it so the fear doesn’t control or define us. 

We all have fears around being single. Maybe it’s a fear of being lonely, or unloveable, or undeserving of love. 

becoming unafraid of the self + feeling it all

Your emotions are the key, no matter how big they are. Your emotions are a part of your emotional body, and if you are in tune with your emotional body you will be able to light up your spiritual body. Our souls often communicate with us through our feelings. So in this module we are going to welcome ALL parts of us to the table. You will be given tools to access, translate and transmute all that comes through your emotional body. This will clear static in your energy field and make your connection to your self light th F up.

How often do you think, “I’m too much”? Or “I’m so confused”? Or “I don’t want to feel this way”?

illuminating the purpose

This period is so purposeful, we can’t wish it away or rush through it. True enlightenment and healing can happen when we choose to embrace the purpose of this time in our lives. 

dating yourself

I know some of you might be dreading this one! It can feel strange or uncomfortable to date yourself, but it was SO integral to my growth during this period. In this module, we’ll define what dating yourself means, how to do it, and why it’s so important. 

We’ve worked on releasing “need” from our stories. Here’s another thing you don’t need: you don’t need a partner to go on dates that are fun, relaxing, passionate, or exciting. I invite you to date yourself! 

creating magnetism

You will magnetize what you believe you deserve. Put simply, love attracts love. When you are in alignment and standing fully in your worth, that is when you will magnetize others radiating in this vibration too. In this module, we’ll translate the inner work you’ve been doing to the energy you are putting out into the Universe. 

Throughout this program, we’re working on cultivating a beautiful relationship with yourself. This is the foundation for everything because the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship in your life. The Universe is responding to who you believe you are.

new Beginning 

Here we will close our time together and officially welcome and celebrate your wholeness. We will move through integration practices, soul devotionals, and officially redefine what this season means for us.

There is a reason WHY you are single right now, and when we live that WHY, that’s where the magic happens. In this module, we’re going to examine the purpose of this period and how we can trust in divine timing. 

Welcome to the program, let's ground

Before we begin this work, we’ll ground down together and get in the energetic space of transformation. 

In this introductory module, I will set the container, share why I felt called to support you during this season of your life, why it’s important to redefine your single season, and what you can expect from this program.

One of my faves!

Nikki Novo is a Cuban-American, best-selling author, renowned intuitive, and spiritual teacher who guides inquisitive souls to find clarity and purpose in all areas of their lives. A certified hypnotherapist, ThetaHealer(r), and Reiki healer, she has paved the way for thousands to be enlightened, awakened and activated by her intuition school, Soul Academy™; heart-centered through her #1 best-selling book, “The Final Swipe;” and certified as a Soul Teacher in her proprietary Soul Reading Method™.

Recorded Healing Sessions and Workshops led by:


An Astrology Journey of the Self

Alex Caiola is an Astrologer and intuitive guide based in New York City. She founded the mystical wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn with the mission of helping individuals and businesses find inspired alignment. She guides clients through energetic patterns using Astrology, intuitive modalities, and clear, practical advice to empower them to live purposely. She is an intuitive creative consultant for brands and creators and regularly writes for sites like Well+Good. This workshop is an astrology journey of the self. Alex guides us all through our charts to identify and understand your inner world with the goal of embracing your true essence in this season and beyond!

the session:


Collective Reading + Guided Journey to Our Intuition

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About nikki:

about alex:

Crystal Streets stands out as a Intuitive Fine Jeweler & Diamond Concierge. Every piece of jewelry is made with love, intention & delicate details inspired by women’s innate power & divine feminine energy. After years on an intense spiritual journey of radical self-healing, self-acceptance, self-awareness, & more importantly self-love, she became certified as an Energy Healer. An Energetic Alchemist, she has a special awareness & knowledge of energetics in which she leverages to support others during energy healing sessions. Crystallinity Healing is her own authentic style of deep energetic healing for your energetic field, emotional & physical body. Using healing crystals, breathwork, crystal-infused sound bowls, & her own intuitive gifts to support her clients in the release of things that no longer serve them to clear blockages and raise their vibration so they can feel lighter, happier, empowered & more free.


Goddess Energy: Invocation of Divine Love Workshop

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About crystal:


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A Note From your guide, LINDSEY SIMCIK

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

You might know me as a lot of things — a podcast founder and host, singer, creative on Instagram…up until about two and a half years ago, I was also the token single girl on Almost 30. I loved sharing the highs, lows, and the really weird of my dating life. But I think the most fulfilling thing we connected on was my episode, “The Sacredness of Being Single.”

I can’t wait to support you in this special program.


The episode was a love letter, really, to myself and to all the women out there who have forgotten that this time “in between” is actually the main event. This is where you will walk back to yourself and commit to stay - whether you are in a relationship or not. Now it’s time to build on our common thread and do this work in community. I am honored to be your guide, confidant, and friend to lean on during this time. While I AM in a relationship now, I know for sure that I would not be if I didn’t honor the growth, healing and shifts in perspective I needed while I was single.


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Learn effective, powerful practices and connect in community during one of the most transformational seasons of your life. 


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