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Your guide to launching, marketing, & monetizing, the podcast of your dreams. 

From Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik


Podcasting completely transformed our lives.

Now, we’re on a mission to support passionate, purpose-driven podcasters like you! We’re leveraging our 7+ years of experience and sharing all the strategies, tools, and learnings we used to build a top 25 podcast with 70M+ downloads. 

Now, it’s your turn…

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Launch Intensive 

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Take Your Podcast From Idea to Launch 

What You’ll Learn: 

✓ How to define the vision + structure of your show

✓ How to find your most resonant voice

✓ Tips + equipment recs to record clear, crisp, high-quality audio

✓ Ways to streamline your production process

✓ How to optimize your show to attract more listeners

✓ Steps to get set up on hosting platforms + RSS feed

✓ Proven strategies to have a successful launch 

What It Includes: 

✓ 7 modules with video you can take at your own pace + revisit anytime

✓ 7 in-depth video lessons where we break down the material

✓ Templates + downloadables like our Show Notes Template and Recording Equipment List

✓ Lists of resources + links for the tools we use every day
✓ Homework assignments to deepen your learning + hold you accountable

✓ Vocal exercises + grounding meditations 

✓ Q&A library so you can learn from questions previous students posed to K+L

✓ Community threads where you can meet other podcasters, ask questions, + get feedback

This is for if you have big ideas for a podcast and you’re looking for support to refine your concept, record your show, and successfully launch your pod into the world. 


Grow + Monetize Accelerator 


What You’ll Learn: 

✓ How to optimize your podcast to set a strong foundation for growth
✓ Proven marketing strategies we used to get to 70M+ downloads

✓ How to build a strong, engaged, + loyal community around your pod

✓ How people really make money from podcasting

✓ How to find + pitch the right sponsors for you 

✓ The strategies and templates we used to land big-name sponsors
✓ How to expand your biz + take it to the next level 

What It Includes: 

✓ 6 modules with video you can take at your own pace + revisit anytime

✓ 6 in-depth video lessons where we break down the material

✓ The templates + tools that we built our business on — from our Media Kit Template to sample sponsor pitches

✓ Lists of resources + links for the tools we use every day
✓ Homework assignments to deepen your learning + hold you accountable

✓ Meditations + mindset support
✓ Q&A library so you can learn from previous students 

✓ Community threads where you can meet other podcasters, ask questions, + get feedback

This is for you if you have a podcast and you’re looking for support to grow your audience and turn your pod into a thriving brand + business. 


“I can truly say that there is no other resource out there that gives you such a comprehensive toolkit of what you need to take your podcast from an idea to the real thing.”

Mercey Livingston
Host of Wellness Unedited Podcast

Hello there, fellow podcaster!

We wanted to share a little more of our story, so you can get to know us — your new podcasting besties. We started Almost 30 when we were approaching our 30s and we were questioning everything — our relationships, careers, health, purpose. So we turned on a mic and started recording our raw, honest conversations. And when we say a mic...we mean our phones.

We had no fancy tech, no team, no real plan to grow or monetize. It was just us on our closet floors with big dreams and a lot of drive. It’s been a minute now (7 years to be exact!), and our world looks completely different today.

We’ve grown Almost 30 into a top 25 podcast with more than 70 million downloads, a global brand, and community. We’ve toured the world, evolved the brand to include in-person events, digital workshops, and merch, built a team of 10+ people, and worked with some insane big-name sponsors like Amazon, Casper, & Athletic Greens. We went from bringing in $250/month in sponsorships to over a million a year. 

Almost 30 is now our full-time career. We’ve done everything we dreamed of (and things we didn’t even think were possible when we started) and we’re really freakin’ proud of what we’ve built. Because podcasting changed our lives so much, our mission now is to share everything we’ve learned with other podcasters like you.

We are so excited to offer these programs so that we can share all the learnings, strategies, wins (and mistakes) that led us to where we are today. 

We're honored to be a part of your journey to become the successful, purposeful, embodied podcaster you were meant to be!

- Krista & Lindsey

"I knew I wanted to learn from people who are doing it right, sharing their voice genuinely and really care about helping other podcasters succeed and those people were Krista & Lindsey."

How Else Can We Support Your Podcasting Dreams? 

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This guide is for anyone looking to start a podcast, grow their brand, or monetize their podcast. We outline the exact steps and strategies we used to grow the Almost 30 Podcast from a small passion project to one of the top wellness and lifestyle podcasts.

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