Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity have been at the heart of our podcast and brand since Almost 30’s inception in 2016. 

The mission of Almost 30 is to support and empower all people on their spiritual, wellness, and self-development journeys and to create a safe, inclusive container for our community to connect, learn, and grow. Almost 30 explores topics including spirituality, wellness, entrepreneurship, culture, and social justice through a lens of curiosity, openness, authenticity, and, above all, humanness. Through the podcast, online community, in-person events, and digital courses and workshops, we discover, experience, share, and explore together.

“Building an impact driven business (such as Almost 30) where my values and vision are centered, where equity and diversity are valued takes time and accountability. It does not happen overnight. However, I am committed to continuously changing, evaluating, reflecting, learning (and unlearning) each day. I am deeply committed to trying and testing, to shifting and embracing...the fullness of our broader vision through our initiatives in the diversity and inclusion space. The fact that we have diversity in the room isn't enough. I am committed to continuously looking at our entire process, programming, and content to create a holistic inclusive experience. Inclusion doesn't come solely from our good intentions. It comes from actual planning and implementation. Our commitment is rooted in belief that there can be change, and we can create it. I promise to always learn, evolve, and listen as I show up each day.” 

- Krista Williams, Co-Host & Co-Founder of Almost 30

At Almost 30, we’re committed to:
Listening to, sharing, and amplifying diverse voices of all races, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, and backgrounds
Co-creating a sense of belonging within and outside of our community
Empowering our diverse and talented community to be their best selves and reach their highest potential
Delivering inspiring, impactful, authentic, thought-provoking, and conscious content to support our audience in their evolution 
Continuously educating ourselves and doing the inner and outer work to support anti-racism and the fight against discrimantion of all kinds
Continuously using our platform to bring awareness to social justice initiatives and point to the ways in which we can do better

Our community members come to us because they know that we are curious, we explore, we question, we care, and we do the work ourselves to understand the most heart-centered and lasting ways in which we can support the individual within the collective. And we share that experience with the world. Our community members are our sisters, our friends, our family. Most importantly, they are members of #almost30nation, a community where we hold each other accountable to learn, support each other, and truly believe that each one of us can make a positive difference.

“It’s been an honor from the jump to be able to learn right along with the Almost 30 Community. This podcast was born out of a time when we didn’t know what to do, we had so many questions, fears, and uncomfortable learnings during our transition from our 20s to our 30s. We knew that we wanted to share with more people because we couldn’t be alone. So, what did we do? We committed to diving deep, to learning about ourselves and the world, to having hard conversations, to taking action and creating changes. In doing this personal work so publicly, I’ve really understood our oneness, our deep connections as human beings who are meant to evolve. The most expanded version of this work is to extend that deep work to impact our fellow human beings, especially those that have been oppressed by systems from which I’ve benefited from. I’m recommitting to looking closely at the layers of my life and these systems from which I’ve benefited and making sure that black people, people of color, indiginous, and the LGBTQ community are represented, heard, celebrated and have seats at the table in everything we do at Almost 30 and in my personal pursuits. The love I have for this community is connected to the amount of unlearning and meaningful conversations about race, inequality, and YOUR lived experience I’m willing to have on a daily basis and the action forward, big or small, I’m going to take. In the self-development space we talk a lot about our evolution and leaning into change. Real progress does not ask for our perfection. Let’s keep evolving, growing, and loving one another, imperfectly, but intentionally.”

-Lindsey Simcik, Co-Host & Co-Founder of Almost 30

Our Commitment to Continuing Diversity & Inclusion Support and Education:

Podcast: We will continue to feature and provide a spotlight for diverse guests of all races, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, and backgrounds. We will research and educate ourselves to make sure our platform reflects full diversity. Some of our previous guests include: Rachel Cargle, Glennon Doyle, Ramit Sethi, Dan Savage, Alok Vaid-Menon, Cassy Ho, Candice Kumai, Shaman Durek, Koya Webb, Sahara Rose, Lauren Ash, Kimberly Snyder, Lalah Delia, Aaron Rose, Julie Nguyen, and Bola Sakunbi. 

Resource sharing: We will continue to provide financial support to charitable organizations that support diverse initiatives, social justice, and anti-racism work, and we will actively seek out new partners that align with our mission. Previous and current organizations that we’ve contributed to include New Mexico Community Fund, Black Visions Collective, Unicorn Riot, and Color of Change. 

Events: We will continue to partner with and highlight diverse speakers and healers to provide a wide array of perspectives and points of view for our workshops, retreats, and in-person events. Some of our previous speakers and healers include Shan Boodram, Millana Snow, Ryan Weiss, Rosie Acosta, April Pfender, and Adriana Ayales.

Training, Education, and Development: We will continue to develop our employees’ access to impactful resources, tools, and programs such as anti-racism courses, unconscious bias training, and inclusive leadership to support our team with building diversity awareness and understanding and managing the barriers to inclusion. As Co-Hosts & Co-Founders, we are leading by example and currently working with our coach, Aaron Rose, to further explore diversity issues and dismantle subconscious bias.  

Brand Partnerships: We will continue to partner with brands in the health, wellness, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle spaces that have a minority CEO/Founder and/or a diverse team of employees. We will research and continue to focus our outreach to brands that are also committed to diversity and inclusion within their team and their community. Some of our previous and current brand partners include Classpass, Methodology, Youveda, Vahdam Teas, and Anima Mundi Herbals. 

For anyone who is new to our community and conversation, from 2017 on this is where we’ve STARTED, (but have realized that these efforts are not enough):

1. Actively working with a DEI coach to uncover unconscious biases and unpack our privilege regularly.
2. Donating 10% of our proceeds from The New Paradigm Series to charities in the anti-racism space (Colors of Changes, Unicorn Riot, and Black Visions Collective). Previous donations were made to support Indigenous Peoples of America, as well as others in the humane and environmental space - we’re adjusting that for anti-racism causes.
3. Using our platforms (workshops, retreats, podcast, instagram) to feature, elevate, and promote Black Women and People of Color.
4. Recently, encouraging our Ambassadors within our Global community subgroups to hold book clubs to read books such as White Fragility, and Me and White Supremacy.
5. Doing the work offline, through training, reading, education and uncomfortable conversations. We shared our list of resources here.
6. Hiring, promoting and paying Black Women fairly for their work with Almost 30.  
7. Being honest through our process, no matter how painful it is, both on and off line. Like in episodes about White Privilege, Allyship and White Supremacy. 

Starting on June 30th we commit to:
1. Awarding 50 scholarships to our Almost 30 courses and our PodcastPro Course to Black Women and Women of Color. We will announce the process for these scholarships next week via email.  
2. Continuing to elevate and promote more Black leaders, healers, authors and teachers to our audience on all channels.
3. Hiring an additional DEI coach who is a Black Woman/WOC to dig deeper into the ways we show up and how we can do better.  
6. Making a $2,500 donation to organizations that directly impact Black Women and WOC. 
7. Being available to the Black Women/WOC of our community to listen and learn through conversation both on and offline.
8. Offering our Facebook moderators compensation beyond non-monetary items such as merchandise, workshops and courses.
9. Working on setting clear windows of time that we will be available in the Facebook Group so that communication expectations are clear and we can connect thoughtfully and thoroughly.  
10. Changing our current internship strategy, to include internship applications for both paid and unpaid internships. We had a blindspot to the fact that internships done for credit limits our pool of applicants, which limits our ability to hire more Black Women and POC. 

This list above will evolve as we learn, grow, and work closely with our community and team. We know this work never seems to happen fast enough at times like this, but we are committed. We will have these changes rolled out over the weeks and months ahead.