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Almost 30 is a top wellness podcast, spirituality podcast, lifestyle podcast, and inspirational podcast for women. Above all, Almost 30 is a space where you can come as you are, feel welcomed and supported, and learn more about the topics that fuel your conscious evolution. Our mission is to inspire and empower you while still keeping it grounded and fun. 

Our community is full of purposeful dreamers like you who are smart, passionate, and always seeking the full potential in every aspect of your life. 

We promise to deliver optimistic and realistic conversations, points of view, and insights. We promise to be vulnerable and always keep it real with you, without fear of admitting what we don’t know. We commit to learning in real-time right alongside you so we can all grow together.

At Almost 30, we make magic. We dream it, and then do it together every day reinventing what's possible for women all over the world.  

At Almost 30, we make magic. We dream it, and then do it together every day reinventing what's possible for women all over the world.  


Hi, I’m Krista. I grew up in a small town in Ohio. I’ve always been the one who's asking the tough questions, thinking outside the box, and laughing the loudest in the room. 

Even in Ohio I had big dreams of getting out and pursuing my purpose - it kept me up at night to know I wasn’t making a difference. I just had to figure out what that purpose was! I made a lot of leaps — I worked eight years in corporate America, quit my job to travel to Patagonia (after listening to my intuition for one of the first times in my life), moved to New York City to be with my now-husband Justin (after meeting less than 5 times IRL), started a travel business based out of Morocco, and ultimately moved to Los Angeles to try to pursue blogging full-time (and I failed at that one!)

Through all that, I struggled to find my WHY and I knew in my heart there were more opportunities to spread my message. 


Linds here. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I was a creator from the start. I was the type of kid who treated imaginary friends to self-produced three-act musicals in my living room. 

I graduated from my fireplace performances and moved on to the big stage as an actress and singer in Boston and New York City. Alongside my acting pursuit, I’ve worked as a bartender, fit model, and senior SoulCycle instructor, among many other jobs that I would call “super useful” over “odd." 

I was also single during this time, for 6 years, which was pretty spiritual LOL. Unknowingly, this time was the beginning of my journey back to myself. I was seeking a higher expression of my creativity and voice, and a way in which I could just be myself, rather than playing off of someone else's script. That led me to Los Angeles and ultimately to Krista. 

Behind the selfies + odd outfits we were two girls going through it…

In true LA fashion, we met at SoulCycle (Lindsey was an instructor and Krista was auditioning but ultimately didn’t get the gig - twice!) That “rejection” actually brought us together and led to one of the most profound discoveries of our lives. We were both in our Saturn Return and facing the tough transition from our 20s to our 30s. We started having deep, meaningful conversations around spirituality, holistic health and wellness, personal development, rejection, fear, relationships, and finding purpose... 

Hard to believe we took these photos on purpose.

Then we found each other and realized we were

We decided to record those conversations on our closet floors so we could help others navigate this transition — and any transition in their lives. After 7 months of practicing, lots of unused recording and many mistakes along the way, we launched the Almost 30 Podcast. No one knew what to expect and our friends and family didn’t know what to think of our new ‘hobby.'

Our first logo! You know what they say — first impressions are everything. 😬

No matter what, we showed up to record every week…

We were both working full-time jobs at that point, and had to sneak in podcast recording sessions at night and on weekends. We used any time we had off to ideate and create together. It was stressful, and for a while felt like we would never see any tangible progress on starting a podcast.

We pushed ourselves and our bodies to the limits, working what felt like all the time! But we kept going and started to experience and appreciate the tiny wins we were seeing, the response from the community, and our true heartfelt desire to create something special to serve. We were determined to create an inspirational podcast that made an impact — and we did!

Of course we made merch wayyyy before we needed merch.

We even planned a tour while juggling our full-time jobs…

Visiting our community in cities all over the U.S. No one asked us to do this, by the way — but we felt really called to meet our listeners. We planned and executed a 13-city tour while working our full-time jobs by using our PTO wisely, working more than ever, and being intentional about our time and focus. 

We were so honored that people showed up in droves to come together for laughs, snacks, and vulnerable shares. Although it wasn’t glamorous the first time around, it felt really good. So we followed that feeling.

We will never underestimate the power of #Almost30nation - ya’ll sold out our first tour!

Wework took a chance on us and provided spaces... we couldn't believe how many women showed up to volunteer!

Our new office! We've come a long way from the closet floor...

Today you’ll find us… still showing up together every day.

We’re always creating, whether we’re in our dream Los Angeles office (which has been featured in Architectural Digest, Lonny Mag, Forbes, and Apartment Therapy!) or at home (Lindsey just moved to Brooklyn!). When we’re not working on the podcast, we’re trying every wellness and spirituality practice, getting out in nature as much as we can, laughing at memes or making fun of each other, uplifting our super special community, connecting to our creativity (singing, dancing, painting, all the things), and dreaming.

It’s been a blessing to do this together... Throughout it all, we’ve deepened our friendship and laughed….A LOT. 

If you want to get to know us better (and be able to tell us apart)


Very official bio:

I’m someone who loves to learn and laughs really loud. I grew up in a small town where I felt that being different was a bad thing. It took me until I moved away after school to learn it’s my superpower! I'm a personal development freak who's curious about quantum physics, philosophy, and life on other planets.

Most days of my life consist of meditation, deep convos, walks with friends, cat cuddles, planning my next trip, belly laughs with my fiance Justin, and dreaming up creative biz ideas in my robe on the couch. 

Favorite Quote:

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and righting there is a field. I’ll meet you there."


Pisces Sun, Virgo Rising and Sagittarius Moon. Got that good balance of earth, air and fire baby!

Human Design Type: 

Projector :) and I am very much so!

Song on Repeat:

Frank Ocean “Pink + White”, “Ivy” anything by Frank really. 

Guilty Pleasure:

YouTube drama sometimes really sucks me in, LOL. 

Favorite Place to travel: 

Morocco or patagonia.

Favorite Snack

Anything with nut butter on it.

Love Language: 

Physical touch baby! But honestly all of them in rotation is nice. Is that too much to ask?

Word that Describes Me:

Dynamic - I can go really deep, but be really joyful all at the same time.

Favorite Meal of the Day:

BREAKFAST (carbs for life!)


Very official bio:

Why is it that every time I sit down to write this bio, I get sweaty? What I love to do, what I believe, etc., can change at any moment so crystallizing it in words feels AHHH! But I trust that you’ll really get to know me (and Krista) by listening to and engaging with us and what we create. I’m an ‘oldest child- empath-theatre kid’ combo, with a love and talent for singing.

Today, I’m super blessed to be doing many things I love — like being myself on a show I created with my bff, connecting with other women of the world who are also ever-changing, working on my first music album, feeling the love of God and my guides more than ever, and building a life with the manz of my dreams.  

Favorite Quote:

“Be— don’t try to become”.

Song on Repeat:

“Ultralight Beam” - Sunday Service Choir 

Love Language: 

Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch are my number 1’s. Do both at the same time, and you get bonus points!    

Favorite Snack

I like a puff, any kind of puff. Vegan cheese puff, Chickpea puff…you name it.

Word that Describes Me:

Alive! I tend to feel and express a range of emotions in any given 24 hour period. I used to think I had to change that about myself, but I really appreciate it now. 

Human Design Type: 

Manifesting Generator, need to be LIT to really do the thing(s)


Virgo Sun, Libra Rising, Gemini Moon. Earth, air air — so ya girl is grounded and appreciates a beautiful aesthetic, but the next moment can defy gravity and be up in the clouds.

Guilty Pleasure:

Anything narrated by David Attenborough 

Favorite Place to travel: 

Fiji and Lake George, NY. Both water-centric, peaceful, and amidst mama nature.

Favorite Meal of the Day:

Dinner! I clean the plate every time.

Okay, now you know the origin story ...

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