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Monetize your show with sponsors

Increase your podcast downloads and audience size

Join an intimate group of like-minded podcasters for support, growth, & community

1 LIVE 1-hour 1-on-1 coaching call with Krista or Lindsey to get a personalized audit of your podcast

Access to video lessons, homework assignments, and resources for self-study to integrate your learnings at YOUR pace

1 LIVE group coaching call to get your burning questions answered & celebrate your success in the program

Get exclusive access to all of our strategies, templates & tips we've used to build a successful podcast with millions of downloads and a consistent spot in the top 25 overall on Apple Podcasts.

I knew I wanted to learn from people who are doing it right, sharing their voice genuinely and really care about helping other podcasters succeed and those people were Krista & Lindsey.

Creators of the Almost 30 Podcast and your guides

We started our podcast, Almost 30, when we were approaching our 30s and we were questioning everything — our relationships, careers, health, purpose. So we turned on a mic and started recording our raw, honest conversations. And when we say a mic...we mean our phones.

We had no fancy tech, no team, no real plan to grow or monetize. It was just us on our closet floors with big dreams and a lot of drive. It’s been a minute now (we just celebrated our 7-year podcast anniversary!), and our world looks completely different today.

We're honored to be a part of your journey to become the successful, purposeful, embodied podcaster you were meant to be!

We’ve grown Almost 30 into a top 25 podcast with more than 70 million downloads, a global brand, and community. We’ve toured the world, evolved the brand to include in-person events, digital workshops, and merch, built a team of 10+ people, and worked with some insane big-name sponsors like Amazon, Casper, & Athletic Greens.

- Krista & Lindsey

Almost 30 is now our full-time career. We’ve done everything we dreamed of (and things we didn’t even think were possible when we started) and we’re really freakin’ proud of what we’ve built. Because podcasting changed our lives so much, our mission now is to share everything we’ve learned with other podcasters like you.

We are so excited to offer this Accelerator Program so that we can share all the learnings, strategies, wins (and mistakes) that led us to where we are today. 

Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik

You may have seen us in

2019 Best Health Podcast
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If you’ve ever wondered…

"How do I grow my podcast reach & audience?"

"How do I identify my dream guests and actually book them?"

"How can I get sponsors? Is my show ready?" 

"Should I hire a producer?"

"How are podcasts actually monetized? How much can I charge?"

"Is my intro too long?" 

"How much should I be budgeting to pay my team?"

Growing a podcast can feel lonely and overwhelming.

You're wondering if you can make your podcast into something that makes you money. 

We've been there and we're here to provide the tools, community support, and mentorship that podcasters so desperately need!

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What Is The Almost 30 Podcast Accelerator?

The Almost 30 Podcast Accelerator is a small-group program hosted by Krista & Lindsey of the Almost 30 Podcast for podcasters who want to hit the next level of growth & revenue in their podcasts.

Each week for 6 weeks, you’ll receive access to a brand new video lesson, resources, and a homework assignment to deepen your learning. You will be able to watch and integrate each lesson on your own, plus you’ll have access to our online community portal, where you can connect with us and other podcasters in the program to get your questions answered and bounce ideas off each other. We’ll also have 2 LIVE coaching calls (1 1-on-1 with us and 1 group call) to get more personalized advice and mentorship!

What Will I Learn?

The Almost 30 Podcast Accelerator takes you week by week through Lindsey & Krista's signature podcast growth & monetization method. It has helped hundreds of podcasters grow their reach, book their dream guests and sponsors, and monetize their podcasts. 

Who's It For?

This is for you if you are a podcaster ready to uplevel your show — whether that means building your audience, increasing downloads & reach, or working on securing sponsors & growing revenue. You have more than 10 episodes or 10,000 downloads, a consistent show with a clear direction. If you've got a podcast that you're passionate about growing, this program is right for you.

Limited spots available. Enrollment is by application only — applications close October 5th, 2022!  

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A Clear Plan Of Action

Personal Feedback

Inside The Podcast Accelerator, you’ll have access to… 

A Like-Minded Community

The point of this program is not to make you an expert marketer - it's to give you the tools you need (and not the ones you don't) to market your podcast and your business effectively. Overwhelmed by where to start? This is for you.

Every podcast is unique. You don't need a one-size fits all approach; you need something that will work for you and your pod. That's why you'll receive a 1-hour 1:1 personalized coaching call with Krista or Lindsey. We’ll audit your podcast and give you customized feedback on your show and your strategy. 

Join a small group of ~33 handpicked podcasters who are facing the exact same challenges that you are. Podcasting can feel lonely, and having a community of others around you to support you and your podcast is crucial to your growth (and your mental health!)

Templates & Resources

We don't just tell you what to do - we show you & give you the exact tools and strategies to make it happen. Rather than spend hours trying to make the perfect pitch deck for sponsors, why not use one of our templates? These are the exact designs we've used to pitch and secure sponsors from major brands like Amazon, Casper & Athletic Greens.

Here Are The Deets

Mentorship & Accountability

We've always believed in the power of mentors - there is no substitute to having someone else there to see you, support you and advise you as you grow and expand. We've been where you are, and we are excited to pass on what we know to other podcasters.

A Dynamic Learning Experience

The Almost 30 Podcast Accelerator includes a personal coaching call, interactive group call, pre-recorded videos weekly, worksheets, writing exercises, & resources. This is perfect for people who thrive on self-study, but also would love a little extra accountability.


A lifelong resource for learning

When you enroll in the Podcast Accelerator you get access to our resources for life. The Podcast Accelerator covers a broad range of topics - from marketing & show optimization to creating your pitch deck for sponsors to growing your revenue & more.

1 LIVE 1:1 1-hour coaching call with Krista or Lindsey

Get a personalized audit of your podcast and current strategy to achieve your goals. We'll review your specific goals and break through any current roadblocks and break down goals into tangible next steps. Think of us as your big sisters in this space!

1 LIVE group coaching call + celebration

Templates, resources & examples

We've spent the last 7 years in our podcast developing the strategies that have allowed us to get major sponsors like Amazon, Outdoor Voices, Audible, Casper & Athletic Greens. We're going to share everything we've used: our templates, decks and outreach strategies that have driven real results for us.

In our final week, we’ll come together as a group so we can celebrate all your success in the program, connect, and answer any questions. This will be an amazing opportunity for connection + hang time.

Learn our podcast growth & monetization method

Since launching our first podcasting online course, PodcastPro, we've helped hundreds of podcasters get to the next level. Week by week, we're going to show you the strategies, tools, and techniques that have helped us reach millions of downloads & a consistent spot in the top 25 overall podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

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Enrollment Closes In

Only 33 spots available - enrollment is by application only. 

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"So proud to share because you two were (and are) such a huge help in getting me here!!

+ Featured on Apple Podcast’s homepage in the Mental Health toolkit section alongside The Art of Being Well with Dr. Will Cole, Chasing Life with Sanjay Gupta, Madhappy Podcast, Optimal Daily Living, Losing Control, and more!

+ Interviewed by Bustle

+ Downloads this time last year were 750 per month, and now I'm at 5,000 per month! HUGE growth!

+ Worked with brands Amazon Prime Student, Bubble, Intelligent Change, Magic Mind, Teen Counseling, Sakara, and more!

+ At 90k+ total downloads!!

Host of the She Persisted Podcast

I truly see such a connection between what I learned in PodcastPro and growing and monetizing across the board!"


Marketing Strategies For Growth

Audit + Optimization - Setting a Strong Foundation for Growth + Monetization

Community Building and Engagement

Understanding the Landscape For Monetization, Finding Sponsors, + How To Pitch

Executing Sponsor Campaigns






Expanding Your Business + Taking It To The Next Level


Bonus week! Live group call + celebration

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I've tripled my downloads since the course.

Enrollment is by application only. 

This program will never be offered again at this price — this is a one-time chance to get access to Krista and Lindsey’s signature method + a personalized podcast audit. 

We will review every application personally.

The full program is $2,000

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...if that all sounds good...then what are you waiting for? :) 

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