With Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik of The Almost 30 Podcast 

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Are You Ready To Get Your Dream Podcast On The Air?

Take Your Pod From Idea To Launch in 7 Modules!

Take a look at what it's all about: 

Successfully launch your podcast to the world 

Learn how to refine and optimize your show from an industry leading podcast

Move through the roadblocks and fears holding you back 

Join an intimate group of like-minded podcasters for support, growth, and community 

Learn how Krista and Lindsey went from recording in their closets to 50M+ downloads

Get exclusive access to all the strategies, templates, and tips we used to build a top 50 podcast, global brand, and community. 

“I can truly say that there is no other resource out there that gives you such a comprehensive toolkit of what you need to take your podcast from an idea to the real thing.”

Mercey Livingston

Host of Wellness Unedited Podcast

A Note From Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik

We’re not ones for small talk — we like to get right down to the deep, juicy stuff — so here goes…launching a podcast is vulnerable. There, we said it! We know the process is tough, and it can feel lonely at times. You’re putting yourself out there — not only to your audience but also to your friends and family who may be like, ‘Huh? You’re doing what?’ Trust us, we’ve been there and gotten all the weird looks. 

Let us tell you a story…about 7 years ago, we were just two girls struggling to find our place and our purpose. We were in our Saturn Returns (the astrological transit when you’re forced to get right with your life), and we were questioning EVERYTHING. With just the two of us and a microphone on our closet floors, we started recording the deep conversations we were having. We were both juggling full-time jobs, and we had no idea if this thing would take off, but we had an intuition that there was something there.

We're honored to be a part of your journey to become the successful, purposeful, embodied podcaster you were meant to be!

If you’ve had that whisper, you’re in the right place — and we want you to know that following it can lead to places you’ve never even imagined!

Fast forward 7 years: Almost 30 is a top-rated podcast with more than 50M downloads, and it has earned nominations for iHeartRadio’s Best Health Podcast and Best Spirituality Podcast, and recognition in Forbes, Entrepreneur, GirlBoss, Buzzfeed, Coveteur, and more. We’ve built a global brand and community, and this is our full-time successful career! Oh, and we’re launching a second podcast soon…you heard it here first! :) 

We’ve done everything we dreamed of (and things we didn’t even think were possible when we started), and we’re really freakin’ proud of what we’ve built. Because podcasting changed our lives so much, our mission now is to share everything we’ve learned with other podcasters like you. We are so excited to offer this Launch Intensive so that we can share all the learnings, strategies, wins (and mistakes) that led us to where we are today.

Creators of The Almost 30 Podcast & Your Guides

Hello there, friends!

— Krista & Lindsey 

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If You’ve Ever Wondered…

I have an idea for a podcast…but where do I even start?!

Aren’t there already too many podcasts out there? How am I different? 

What kind of recording equipment do I need? 

How do I record on a budget? 

How do I lead an amazing interview? 

How do I make time to work on my pod with my 9 - 5 job? 

What do I do if I hate my voice? 

How can I optimize my show so people find it?  

...we get it. 

You’re not alone. We’ve been exactly where you are and we’ve asked all these questions. We’re here to provide the tools, community support, and mentorship you need to feel confident in your message, your podcast, and, most importantly, yourself.


Why an Intensive? 

Great question! When we were creating this program, we were really thinking about what holds so many people back from starting a podcast. We’ve heard from so many people like you who have had this dream (and sometimes the concrete idea!) in their head for so long, but they never set aside the time to do the damn thing. 

That’s why we’re asking you to intentionally commit just 7 Modules dedicated to your podcast (we’re not asking this for us; do it for yourself!). We can promise that through these modules you will have a truly solid start, make real progress, and build serious momentum around your pod. If you fully commit and dive into this work, you can get to a place where you’re confidently ready to launch! 


Templates, resources, & downlodables:

What’s Included…

Mentality coaching:

We boiled down some of our biggest takeaways and lessons to create immersive downloadables, including a Creative Workbook, Find Your Voice Workbook, Interview Prep Tips, and a Home Podcast Studio Checklist. It’s all yours to keep forever!

We know that a lot of the roadblocks to getting your pod off the ground are mental (hello, imposter syndrome…we see you). We’ll be facing those fears and blocks head on together, and helping you work through them as they come up. 

Homework assignments to deepen your learning:

We’re going to teach you all the concepts — and then help you apply them with accountability and support. Through your homework assignments, you’ll be taking tangible steps to optimize your pod and get it ready for the airwaves. This is where the integration happens!

Community support & mentorship:

Think of us as your new podcasting besties, here to cheer you on always! You’ll not only have us, but you’ll also have a community of like-hearted podcasters going through this process with you. You can connect in our community threads and lean on each other! In previous programs, participants worked together on pod swaps and promoting each other’s shows. 

I want all that!

Defining The Vision For Your Show

module 1

Finding Your Voice & Recording

module 2

The Production Process

module 3

Optimizing Your Show

module 4

Hosting Platforms & RSS Feed

module 5

Launching Your Podcast

module 6

Q&A with K&L

module 7

Don't Take Our Word For It