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Peta Kelly shares how she embodies radical self-acceptance by not allowing others to impose labels. Through her relationship with social media, Peta learned that people will try to get you to stop walking your path and join theirs instead. However, by doing so, you abandon yourself. In this episode, she explains the importance of staying true to who you are and having discernment.

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Who is Peta Kelly?

Peta Kelly - Almost 30

Peta Kelly is the poster girl for radical self-acceptance. She owns her s**t and does not play by the polarity rulebook. In a world that’s split with black-and-white labels and categories, Peta stands out in glorious technicolor. Let’s face it, that can be jarring for some people — especially in the cancel-culture vortex we live in.

Peta grew up in Australia and was raised by a single mother. She became a scientist, published a thesis and was awarded a Ph.D. scholarship. However, she realized that becoming “Dr. Peta Kelly” by the age of 25 was actually not for her. She traveled, trusted the plan, and eventually grew an organization in the realm of network marketing, becoming a multi-millionaire in her mid-twenties and helping her mother retire.

She has created countless paradigms and companies, like The New Way Live, Supercharged, The Earthess Co., and Cake Clubbé World. Peta Kelly is also the author of multiple books: Earth Is Hiring, Earth To Kids, and Stop Missing The Point.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • Peta Kelly’s relationship with social media
  • How to know your truth
  • Social media, overstimulation, and online drama
  • Virtue signaling and cancel culture
  • Showing up online and self-validation
  • How to reject imposed labels
  • The essence of walking your own path

Peta Kelly on Labels From Others

Peta Kelly shares how people live life paralyzed, waiting for information to initiate a response or action. By doing so, Peta believes that we forget to ask ourselves: Do I need to have an opinion on this? Am I using this information or drama as a distraction or excuse in my life?

Sometimes Peta will go off of social media for extended periods when she finds herself too hooked, but it also depends on how she is doing on the inside. She explains how there’s an assumption you don’t care if you’re not talking about something, but this isn’t true.

Peta believes that you know the truth by the way that it feels, explaining that beyond our ideas and constructs of right and wrong, there is a field and many people live there. Nonetheless, there are others who want people to be worse than they actually are. These people may crave drama because that’s what’s going on inside of them.

According to Peta Kelly, we all have work to do and we are all walking around traumatized. But we don’t need to be told you’re “this” or put a label on someone else. People are becoming confused because they’re being told that they are a certain label. 

We are so wired to be pessimists and it’s actually harder to be an optimist, even though some people perceive optimists as being naive. Peta deems that you can’t tell someone who they are or who they are not. This has led to people being bullied out of their nature and out of their truth.

She explains how she no longer falls for their imposed labels and that she is going to take responsibility for her personal sovereignty. Peta also notes that there is destructive social activism that is causing a deep divide, which is why you have to commit to your own liberation and walk your own path.

Despite what others may choose to do, Peta is not going to do the things that make her look like a good person when she is walking the path of her own Soul. This is because it is not our job to justify other people’s paths.

“If we believe in liberation for all then we need to remember each of us is walking in alignment with God.”

Peta Kelly

If we can trust that we are connected to God and Source, then we need to trust that others are also. Their path is their path to walk, just as our path is our path to walk. It is none of our business to try to tell someone that they’re off their path.

“If we really want a liberated and sovereign world, we need to take responsibility for our personal expression and trauma.”

Peta Kelly
Peta Kelly - Almost 30

Peta Kelly on Committing to Liberation

At one point in time, Peta was so scared to express herself because she thought people were going to think she wasn’t worthy of doing so. But she got so tired of being afraid to speak online. One day, she realized that she was here as a child of God and Source and was no longer going to allow another Soul to come into her world and tell her to stray from her path and onto theirs.

“It’s only when we start to know ourselves so intimately can we understand why other people do it to us and how ridiculous it is that we let it consume us.”

Peta Kelly

Peta is committed to walking her own path. She knows who she is and how she lives each day. When she dies she knows what will be said about her by the people who matter. 

Peta Kelly on the Effect of Social Media

When it comes to social media, Peta knows it’s just a highlight reel and that you don’t have to share the hard stuff in order to be authentic. We share what feels appropriate for us to share. Humans have lost the ability to discern. Do you need me to prove my worthiness to you by sharing the hard stuff? Everybody is just expressing themselves authentically. It’s just a highlight reel, so have fun with it. 

People are so uncomfortable with liberated people. Peta explains how she feels something with librated people that is absolutely intoxicating.

“We are far beyond tearing people down. If you are not liberated, you cannot stomach other people’s liberation and when you become liberated you can not get enough of the liberated.”

Peta Kelly

Peta also says that we feel we need to prove our hardships in order to say something or have something but when you become in tune with your path, you stop explaining yourself.

You know you’re worthy, so stop caring that others recognize your worth because they cannot until they recognize their own. Other people see through the lens of what they believe they’re worthing of.

Want to learn more?

Check out Peta Kelly’s website and Instagram.

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We're Krista + Lindsey. Co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders, best friends, wellness-obsessed spiritual seekers, alien lovers...and always ch-ch-ch-changing.

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