New Paradigm
Workshop Bundle

Get over 25+ hours of content with The New Paradigm Workshop Bundle. This includes 17 workshops from our favorite humans on topics like finding purpose, human design, reconnecting with your intuition and, of course, aliens 👽. 

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Creators of the Almost 30 Podcast and your guides

Hello, friends…our dreamers, seekers, and paradigm breakers!

We can’t wait for you to dig into these workshops!

We created the New Paradigm Workshop Bundle for you. Our intention with these workshops was to bring together our go-to healers, experts, and thought leaders for in-depth, transformational, and liberating conversations. Because you’re part of this community, we know you’re here for serious growth and you’re open to questioning the status quo to discover what’s possible. These workshops are meant to challenge assumptions, break old patterns, and open our eyes and hearts to new ways to live, love, move, earn, and perceive ourselves and the world around us. 

- Krista & Lindsey

When we first offered these workshops in 2020, they resonated so deeply with us and the community. The conversations unfolded exactly and fatefully how we needed them. Since then, we’ve found ourselves returning to them over and over. They’re each so powerful and transformative in their own way. That’s why we’re so excited to offer this bundle for special savings, so that even more of you have access to this life-changing wisdom and healing. 

Quitting Anxiety Forever with Ryan Weiss

Human Design for the Soul with Jenna Zoe

Success and Purpose in the New Paradigm with Peta Kelly

F*ck Like a Goddess with Alexandra Roxo

What workshops are included?

Transcending Fear in Uncertain Times with Millana Snow

Saturn Return 101 with Jessica Lanyadoo

Modern Mystic Workshop with Natalia Benson

The Intuition Reaction with Natalie Miles

Aliens and Our Collective Ascension with Bree Melanson

Body and Sex Converation with Chinae Alexander

Human Design for Abundance with Jas the Moon Mother

Self Care Rituals with Danika Brysha

Learn Tarot and Psychic Channeling with Kiki Robinson

Reclaiming Love: Breathwork with Jenna Reiss 

Poetic Medicine Healing through Writing: Ngozi Kemjika

Sound Energy Healing and Light Language with Josie Eleven Healing

Anicent Remedies in the Modern World with Adriana Ayales 

Let's break 'em all down!

Human Design For The Soul

Jenna Zoe

Deep dive into what Human Design is and 4 various topics within the Human Design world: purpose, relationships, health, and personal development.

Transcending Fear + Uncertainty: Healing for
a Global Shift 

Millana Snow

Dive into what energy healing is, how to use it to work through chaotic times. and how we can all be healers. Millana also leads an energy healing session to bring you back to yourself. 

Modern Mystic Workshop  Money, Purpose + Empowerment

Natalia Benson

Explore how to use astrology and manifestation to align with your life's purpose and live in abundance. Learn tangible tips to uplevel your productivity, get clear on your purpose, and cultivate inner peace. 

New World Paradigm

Peta Kelly

Peta leads us in a thought-provoking exploration of paradigm transition, upgrading old stories, and consciousness ascension.

Poetic Medicine: Healing Through Journaling, Authenticity & Self Love

Ngozi Kemjika

Learn how to release and strengthen emotions, let go of fears, manage personal adversity, and reconnect with your center. 

Quitting Anxiety Forever

Ryan Weiss 

Learn what anxiety really is, how to address it, process it, and ultimately QUIT IT. Ryan breaks down the root of anxiety and teaches you how to get unstuck and feel capable and strong again.

Aliens and Our Collective Ascension

Bree Melanson

Bree leads an in-body channeling session and shares for the first time about her abductions, the insight she’s received in her years communicating with aliens, and how we can begin to activate the deeper healing we need to ascend into a peaceful and higher-frequency future.

Human Design for Your Money Alignment
and Purpose 

Jas The Moon Mother

Jas guides you through the specific areas within your unique Human Design blueprint to create a deeper alignment within money, purpose, and your personal dominion. 

A Body & Sex Convo

Chinae Alexander
& Dr. Holly

Dive into what it really means to have mindful sex — how to set aside projections of what our partner is thinking, how to quiet our inner critic, and reduce anxiety in our bodies to truly accept the pleasure and connection we deserve.

Reclaiming Radical Love: A Breathwork + Meditation

Jenna Reiss

This healing session is designed to unearth your fears, help you move through anxieties, and open your heart toward radical love and wild hearts.

Ancient Remedies In The Modern World

Adriana Ayales

Explore how you can incorporate plant medicine into your lifestyle for overall beauty and health benefits, and how to use it to support your spiritual awakening and lucid dreaming.

Saturn Return

Jessica Lanyadoo

Learn exactly what Saturn Return is, when it starts and how long it lasts, how to work with your Saturn Return, how to track the transits, and how to prepare for your next Saturn Return.

F*ck Like A Goddess

Alexandra Roxo

Through embodiment practices using breath, sound, and movement, discover how to embrace your sensual side and claim yourself as the powerful and mystical Goddess you are!

Learn Tarot and Psychic Channeling

Kiki Robinson

Through guided visualization, intention setting, and ritual, we explore the symbols and messages in the Tarot to reach a deeper relationship with your True and Powerful Self. 

Self-Care Rituals & Routines for Optimal Living

Danika Brysha

Danika teaches you how to use systems to create a Self-Care Checklist to drastically transform the foundation your life is built upon.

Sound, Energy Healing, & Light Language

Josie Danielle

Josie will support you to release stuck energies and connect to yourself on a Soul level through guided journeying, energy work, sound healing, and channeled light language transmissions.

The Intuition Reactivation: Reconnect to Your Gifts

Natalie Miles

Natalie guides you to release your ancestral blocks around connecting to your natural born gifts. You then go on a journey to reactivate your gifts so you can start to work with them in your everyday life.

Wow, I'm in!

but don't take our word for it!

– Sarah Kelly

"I wanted to say thank you SO much for the beautiful workshop on Sunday. I was so moved by Ngozi's story and found myself giddy with what came through during the journaling prompts!"

– Bella Girovich

"I loved Josie’s workshop. It was so beautiful, and the structure of the intro, meditation, break, and healing was very helpful to know what to expect."

– Natalie Hillyer

"I watched the replay today and I have to say, this was hands down one of the best workshops I‘ve ever attended. The energy was just so amazing and I laughed and cried. Bree and the both of you really hold so much space for people and I believe this enables many of us to surrender because we see it’s not some big scary thing. You make it all really approachable and take away the fear people may be feeling. I feel like a lot has shifted inside me in just these few hours. I’m feeling deeply grateful for being part of this experience."

– Orfea

"Out of all the workshops I’ve taken through A30 — Kiki’s was my absolute favorite. Not only is she passionate but having an interactive element is always nice right now. I also really enjoyed her psychic workshop later that week! She gave valuable energetic skills for every day use. Thanks, y’all!"

– Sarah Barenberg

These workshops are seriously next level...

"I’m so glad I got to attend the workshop with Kiki and will definitely be signing up for more. After the workshop with Kiki, my whole approach to Tarot has changed. She brought depth to the practice that I don’t think I would’ve learned through online research. The way she merged channeling with tarot was also completely new for me and having her guide the group through the visualization was such a special moment. I am already incorporating this into my daily routine."

"The workshop with Adriana gave me everything I was looking for and so much more. Also, as someone who never really dreams, I was really interested in lucid dreaming. Two nights later, I have had some really powerful dreams and am excited to couple this with plant medicine as well."

"The Sound, Energy Healing & Light Language with Josie Danielle session I attended was so much more than I expected. The session itself self offered a profound experience I had never before received. It was something I needed.I am deeply appreciative of the generous resources included in my registration that will assist me in furthering my healing practices. Many, many thanks to everyone to composed this event."

– Krystin

– Leticia Reid

Wow, I'm in!
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