Featuring Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik + Special Guests

Saturday, January 28th 
10 am - 2 pm PST

Get Ready For These Out-Of-This-World

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Heavenly Coded: Reiki Infused Sound Bath

With Krista & Lindsey


Founders of Almost 30

Psychic Development: Find + Tap Into Your Gifts

With Bree Melanson


Teacher and Channel

Become the Presence with Divine Neutrality

With Sandra Walter


 Ascension Guide

Message for You from the Z's for 2023: Live Channeling

With Lee Harris


Channel, Author, Music Artist

You are a Starseed: Find Your Galactic Origins

With Jordan Younger


Podcast Host, Author, Spiritual Teacher


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CAMP Almost 30 Presents...

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FREE Virtual Retreat

Our most popular digital event ever, Camp Almost 30 is a FREE virtual retreat where thousands of people from around the world come together to connect, learn, and evolve. This year, we’re taking it to SPACE CAMP, where we’ll explore all our favorite things — the galactic, dimensions, ascension, and of course aliens. 👽We are gathering all you beautiful Souls here on Earth, and together we’re transporting to other realms of ascension, consciousness, and healing.

so... What Is

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Mind-blowing revelations and other worldly downloads

A clearer sense of purpose and profound inspiration to support you on your path

A genuine connection with a powerful and kind community of like-minded people

A feeling of empowerment, embodiment, connection to self, your guides, + the cosmos

A sneak peek into the Almost 30 Membership (doors will be open!) + a very special offer for enrollment

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We’ll see you and your friends there!

- Krista & Lindsey

When we started Camp Almost 30 three years ago, we had no idea how much it would take off + what it would become. It’s something we look forward to every year, and we’re really, really excited for this year’s theme, Space Camp.

Hello, our beautiful starseeds!

A Note From

We will be exploring the things we all love in this community — galactic dimensions, channeling, ascension, and communicating with aliens. 👽🚀 Our lineup of speakers and channelers is EPIC…seriously, not of this world, LOL. This is the place you can go to meet a whole group of new friends who just get you and share your love for the ‘out there’ stuff. You’re not alone — just as we’re not alone on Earth, haha. 

You know how people say ‘lost in space’? Well at Space Camp, we’ll be FOUND in space. We will get grounded through our connection to each other. And then, once we are in a safe, supportive, sacred container, we will feel free to transport to other worlds of wisdom, inspiration, and ascension we never even thought possible. Get ready to take up space…in space. It’s going to be next level magical!

We are so excited for you to experience it! Make sure to pass this along to friends and family you’d like to share this experience with, who you know are open and ready for collective healing and evolution, and who are just as alien obsessed as you are. :)

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty


Mark Groves


Africa Brooke


Jill Wintersteen


Rising Woman, Sheleana Aiyana 


Queen Afua


Check Out Some Of Our Past

Sahara Rose


Devi Brown


**Attendance in our virtual Zoom room is capped. Space is awarded first-come, first-serve, so be sure to save your spot today!**

I'm so in!

Take Me To

I'm so in!

We’re switching things up — always evolving, of course :) After Camp this year, enrollment for the Membership will be open for good. You can join us ANYTIME and sign up for 6 months of magic.

Space Camp Will Open Doors For The Almost 30 Membership!


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