Featuring Krista Williams, Lindsey Simcik and Special Guests

Saturday, July 22nd
10 am - 2 pm PST


CAMP Almost 30 Presents...

Free Virtual Retreat

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forces of nature

The nature of love: Reclaim your romantic essence with Venus Retrograde



Astrologers + Teachers

Honoring our natural cycles as women, seeing the beauty in our rhythms

Dr. Jolene Brighten


Naturopathic Endocrinologist +  Sexologist

Manifestation using Earth's Elements

Mia Magik


Witch, Teacher and Ambassador for Magik

Joined By These

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Your Innate Knowing: Using Nature as a Vessel for Healing

Zach Bush MD

Doctor and founder of the non-profit Farmer's Footprint


Your Lead Camp Counselors

Krista & Lindsey

Founders of Almost 30


Align Your Life to Nature to Create True Wellness, Joy & Abundance

Kimberly Snyder

Spiritual Teacher and Wellness Expert. Founder of Solluna



The True Nature of Existence: a guided meditation into the heart of here and now

Pat Sperry

Teacher, Heart Centered Ecstatic, and Founder of Flourish Well-Being


Somatic Activated Healing

Sah D'Simone

Spiritual revolutionary and best-selling author


Nature Camp

so What Is

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Our most popular digital event ever, Camp Almost 30 is a FREE virtual retreat where thousands of people from around the world come together to connect, learn, and raise their consciousness.

Guided by our brilliant speakers and together in community, we will plant seeds of growth and set intentions for future blooming.

Nature Camp is a return to our roots. We will connect to the innate cycles of our bodies, minds, Souls, and the Earth we share.

The roots of who you are + who you are meant to be

The cycles + seasons of nature and your own physical and energetic body

Your physical body + wellness 

Your intuitive gifts 

Your creative + collaborative spirit

a chance to connect with…

This Free Virtual Camp Will Be

Laughter, joy, + play 

A loving community of like-hearted Souls 

Nature Camp Is In Session In…


A sense of grounding in your physical and spiritual body

A renewed connection to nature in all its forms

Expansive knowledge on mind, body, and Soul health

A genuine connection with a welcoming and kind community

Feeling rejuvenated and inspired on your Soul’s path

you'll walk away with...

happy campers

Hear From Our

We’ll see you at Nature Camp!

- Krista & Lindsey

Remember that feeling of running around summer camp — or outside in your neighborhood — as a kid? Soaking in sunshine, climbing trees, walking barefoot in the grass, diving into the pool or lake, laughing with your friends until you can’t stop smiling?! 

Ahhhh…so freeing and invigorating! 

A Note From Your Camp Counselors

Our intention for Nature Camp is to capture that sense of connectedness, groundedness, and fun. Who says we can’t experience that as adults? Growing up doesn’t mean growing away from ourselves. Through Nature Camp, we’ll support you in returning to your roots — the essence of what makes you feel joyful, peaceful, healthy, and aligned. At the same time, we will plant new seeds for growth + transformation — laying fertile ground for you to bloom in mind, body, and Soul. 

We’ll be exploring holistic mental, physical, and spiritual health and the cycles of our bodies and nature. Best part…we’ll be doing it together, surrounded by curious, kind, like-hearted Souls who are all here for the growth. It’s like a whole new group of camp friends. :)

Krista + Lindsey

We’re so excited for you to be a part of it! Make sure to pass this along to friends and family you’d like to share this experience with.

This sacred container + community is the happiest place on the internet — a place for collective and personal growth, vulnerability, authenticity, friendship, learning, and transformation.

Nature Camp is also a celebration of the Almost 30 Membership

The big news…

Exclusive member workshops with our favorite teachers, guides, and friends of the pod

Intimate live hangs with K+L

Healing sessions

Monthly Membership guides with intentions, affirmations, and recommendations 

Exclusive access to IRL events

Special community platform to connect + share 

Inside the Membership, you’ll have access to…

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Hear From Our almost 30

We’ll be sharing more about Membership at Nature Camp.

See you there!

**Space in our virtual Zoom room is capped. Space is awarded first-come, first-serve, so be sure to save your spot today!**

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