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This has yet to be proven or disproven, but we can assure you that there is no end to yourselves, your understanding, what you would call your journey of seeking, or your perceptions of the creation. 

That which is infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept. 

To have infinity 
you must identify or define that infinity as unity; otherwise, the term does not have any referent or meaning. 

In an Infinite Creator there is only unity.

You have seen simple examples of unity. 
You have seen the prism which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. 
This is a simplistic example of unity. 

You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. 
You are unity. 
You are infinity. 
You are love/light, light/love. 
You are. 

This is the Law of One.

Consider, if you will, that the universe is infinite.

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Meet Your Book Club LeaDers

Aaron’s passion is teaching Unity Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening with the world, and he does so today via YouTube, social media, masterclasses, and workshops, primarily teaching through texts such as A Course In Miracles and The Law of One. Aaron believes that Unity Consciousness and freedom from the Ego is the next evolutionary leap for mankind and is available for anyone who truly desires it. 

Krista is a Law of One enthusiast, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, and Spiritual Guide. Since reading The Law of One in 2019, she has been studying its teachings and has now been working on a corresponding app and deck to further share the messages of The Law of One.

krista williams

Creators of the Law of One Book Club and your guides

A Note From Krista & Aaron

Hi, we’re
Krista& Aaron,

Welcome to Book Club!

A way to connect without the guru, labels, or spiritual ego, Book Club: Law of One has the intention to help you navigate through the Law of One text, learn its principles, and apply the tools and techniques in its teachings to your everyday life.

The Law of One provides not only profound spiritual insight, but a better understanding of the world we live in today and where we are going. Regardless of your beliefs or religion, The Law of One integrates beautifully with all world religions and belief systems. It is about love, unity, wisdom, free will, and seeking the truth.

W. T. Samsel wrote. “These aspects of the One Law hold true, no matter if you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or Jew. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice, because we have differing expressions, and these are merely differing avenues that lead to the same source.”

The Law of One provides new and refreshing insights and understanding of the physical and metaphysical Universe. Book Club: The Law of One is a resource for those who are interested in diving deeper into this life-changing book.

Book Club is meant to be fun, engaging, conversational, and approachable. We seek to share the teachings with you in a way that feels aligned with the overall message, so that we can leverage its wisdom as a collective. 

We’re so excited you’re joining us!

Law of One is one of the most profound spiritual texts out there, but can be dense and difficult to get through. It is not an easy read because it is a question and answer format and the complexity of the subject matter is substantial. The responses are masterfully and skillfully crafted with esoteric and scientific language. If you are seeking the truth with an open mind, it will take you on a spiritual adventure that reveals the purpose of existence and the consequences of our behavior.

- Krista & Aaron

but Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

hear what our students have to say...

“Coming across the Law of One/ Ra Contact materials has literally transformed my life in magical ways. I grew up in a Christian environment and no matter how hard I tried to believe, the Bible never resonated with me. When the Law of One came into my life, it's like all of the missing pieces and doubts I had about spirituality and God were answered. Krista and Aaron do an exceptional job at making very dense concepts digestible. I am so grateful for the Law of One Bookclub because I now have a better understanding of the teachings. 10/10!"

- Lauren


“Thank you both so much. I am beyond grateful for the space you created and the knowledge you shared. You two created a beautiful balance and an extraordinary course."


“My favourite book club. Thank you for hosting it!"


Free will
Our densities/dimensions
The chakras and how they work
The science of reincarnation
Tarot and the Archetypal mind

If you’ve ever wondered about the principles of:

...we get it. 

You’re not alone. We’ve been there and we’ve studied a lot of these concepts. 

We’re here to provide the tools, community support, and mentorship you need to understand these concepts in a profound way through this powerful teaching!

What is
The Law of One?

The Law of One is a philosophy of both the origin and nature of Reality, which tells us that all of the Universe is a manifestation of One Infinite Creator. The Law of One message was communicated by a group of beings who call themselves RA, delivered through the channeling work of Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty in the early 1980s.

Who Is It For? 

Anyone who has the desire to explore our consciousness more deeply, accelerate their spiritual growth, and to understand the fundamental truths of the universe.
Those that have an open heart.

A dynamic, easy-to-follow learning experience with lifetime access to the materials

6+ hours of video content exploring the teachings on core Law of One principles

Weekly meditations & check-in emails to support you in a deeper understanding of spiritual concepts of The Law of One

What Does
the Book Club Include? 

Homework with each module’s lesson you can apply directly to your life


Call 1: March 14th, 4-6 PM PST

Call 2: March 21st, 4-6 PM PST

Call 3: March 28th, 4-6 PM PST

Call 4: April 4th, 4-6 PM PST

Call 5: April 11th, 4-6 PM PST

Call 6: April 18th, 4-6 PM PST

Module 4:

Disciplines of the Personality
Opening the gateway/
Self Realization

Module 3:

module 5:


Formation of the Universe
Importance of Free Will
Differences in Polarities using free will (protect vs. infringe)

module 6:

The Higher Self
Social Memory Complex

3rd Density/Polarity/
The Choosing
Veil of Forgetting

Module 2:

7 Densities
The Harvest

Module 1:

Ra’s History
Evolution of the Body
The Archetypal Mind/Tarot

We’ll guide you through it all!

PLUS! It includes …

→ Weekly homework exercises and practices to integrate the teachings into your daily life

→ Over 6 hours of video deeply exploring the Law of One teachings

→ Weekly meditations and email check-ins to support you in a deeper understanding of spiritual concepts that you can apply to all areas of your life

→ Lifetime access to the materials to allow for learning and exploration at your own pace

You Will Leave Feeling:

→ Inspired and awakened

→ Excited about your new spiritual tools

→ Grounded by a deeper understanding of the world and our experience

→ Clear on the mission we have on Earth and the reason why we are in the state of the world we are currently in

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