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This holiday season, our hearts are full and we’re feeling so grateful! Having you as part of this community is the best gift we could ask for! But we know everyone else might want a little somethin’ somethin’, so we put together our favorite special gifts for everyone on your list. 

This gorgeous deck depicts the ancient healing power that connects stars and plants. A deck is such a special, sacred gift!

Anima Mundi

Herbal Astrology Oracle Deck | $27

(exclusively for the Almost 30 community!)


Recharge Sample Pack | $0 + shipping

The most delicious bites packed with sustainably sourced seaweed, dates, almonds, and seeds.


Daily Bites | $44

This box includes 3 tasty wheels of plant-based “not cheese.” This is perfect for a holiday party hostess gift!


Eternal Box  | $48

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With adaptogens like ashwagandha and reishi, this cozy cocoa helps soothe stress and get into the holiday spirit. 

Moon Juice

Cosmic Cocoa | $30

Mini creams and bath washes to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself. Self care is the ultimate gift!

Milk + Honey

Self Care Minis Set | $40

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The perfect stocking stuffer! We love this electrolyte drink mix to feel hydrated & energized. 

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This device combines red and near-infrared LED technologies, which mimics the rejuvenating wavelengths of natural sunlight. It helps boost mood and enhances your natural glow. 


Red Light Face Mask | $299

This creamy, luxurious mask is amazing for all skin types. It gives skin a gorgeous radiance and plumpness.


HYDRABERRY Moisture Mask | $45

This is the absolute best sweat suit — comfy, oversized, high-quality and SO soft. A true staple! 

HOEM Los Angeles

The Everyday Crew Neck & the The Lounge Short | $118 & $88

This set includes two of our absolute favorites — the Algae Body Oil and Body Butter. They both make your skin feel so smooth and soft. 


Undaria Body Bestsellers  | $68

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This pillowcase is an absolute dream! Its all-natural mulberry and hypoallergenic silk help protect delicate facial skin, retain skin and hair moisture, and minimize hair breakage.


Silk Beauty Pillowcase | $45

The Brightening Mask — rich in turmeric and hemp seed oils — and the Beauty Oil — rich in moringa oil and frankincense — both deliver glowing skin to honor the Goddess within.


Goddess Glow Bundle | $118

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This bundle is full of heart-centered, calming, and softening formulas, including the Flowers For My Love medicinal flowers, aphrodisiac Spice It Up Love Bitters, and The Open Heart mood-lifting tea. 

Organic Olivia

The Connection Bundle | $87.40

Anima Mundi

Palo Santo Ritual Set | $62

Gift a session with one of our personal healers — her Tarot & psychic readings are incredibly powerful!

Kiki Robinson

Healing Session

She works across modalities — Reiki, Sacral Therapy, crystal healing, Akashic Records readings, & more — to clear blockages & move energy.

Manuela Welton

Healing Session

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Natalie is our go-to healer in our Membership! Her sound baths and healings are so soothing — the perfect way to bring calm to this busy season. 

Love & Alchemy

Healing Session or Virtual Sound Bath

Share your intentions and questions for 2023, and Kate will channel and pull cards to explore what messages come through. 

Kate Van Horn

Year Ahead Tarot Reading

Cleanse your home and create a sacred space with this ethically sourced Palo Santo Oil, Protection Myst, and Incense Bundle.

Bee pollen, superfood honey, & propolis throat spray to boost immunity, energy, & brainpower. 

Beekeeper’s Naturals

Power Up Bundle | $78.97

Soothe holiday stress with this trio of CBD wellness gummies designed to support sleep, cognition, and relaxation. The sampler is perfect for people who want to taste test each of the formulas or who are looking for a great gift to give friends and family.


Seasonal Sampler Gummy Box | $44.99

Give the gift of morning bliss! This collection includes Sakara’s best-selling Metabolism Super Powder, which gives coffee and smoothies a delicious dark chocolate and coconut flavor while helping curb cravings and ease bloat. Plus, you’ll get an electric frother and Daily Ritual Mug.


The Morning Ritual Collection | $130

This soothing set includes an Adrenal Super Tonic, Topical Magnesium Oil, and Magnesium L-Threonate to balance mood and bring on Zen vibes. 


zen bundle  | $198

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This cream contains their patented SilverSol nano-silver technology, plus hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and vitamin E to heal, protect, and smooth skin. An everyday must!

Silver Biotics

Healing Skin Cream  | $19.95

We both did this to test our heavy metal toxicity and mineral levels and it was life changing! You also get a 1-on-1 consultation to deep dive into your results.


Minerals & Metals At-Home Lab Test | $199 ($99 w/discount)

Use this link for $100 off

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Code ALMOST30 for 20% off your first order

A next level home recovery tool! PEMF grounds you in Earth’s magnetic field, while infrared heat heals & relaxes you. 


Infrared PEMF Mat | $1,095

Live on demand breathwork, meditation, & yoga — the gift of peace, calm, & intuitive movement. 


Membership | $150 annual membership 

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This quiet and heat-free diffuser uses 100% natural essential oil blends to make any space smell amazing! Plus, it looks like a beautiful piece of decor. 


Aroma Om Cool Mist Diffuser | $98

Palace One Eleven


This countertop purifier has 4-stage reverse osmosis purification technology to help remove dangerous contaminants. Plus, it’s an easy, sleek way to always have chilled water on hand!


Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier | $349

This candle smells incredible and it’s a beautiful way to incorporate angel numbers into a space. 

Sunday Forever

11:11 Candle | $78

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Bring a touch of nature and brighten up your friend’s home with beautiful greenery. 

The Sill

Plants & Planters

This unique quartz glass tool transforms regular tap water into its supercharged, full-spectrum state by transferring H20 molecules into a liquid crystalline structure.


Water Purifier | $179

For your friends who collect crystals and gems! We are obsessed with this shop and how intentionally sourced these crystals are.

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Luxury grooming kit featuring the Lawn Mower 4.0 skin-safe electric trimmer — trust us, he’ll thank you! 


The Perfect Package 4.0 | $99.99

The infrared technology elevates the body’s thermal energy, enhances relaxation, promotes glowing skin, and improves circulation. Plus, it feels SO good in the chilly winter months. You and your partner can share it!


Infrared Sauna Blanket | $599

Protect his eyes and give him the gift of deep sleep. The blue light blocking lenses help boost melatonin production, which enhances the sleep-wake cycle. 


Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Starting at $139.95

For couples who love to travel! This bag is so sleek and convenient for overnight trips. 

Away Travel

The Everywhere Bag   | $225

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For those ready to ditch hustle culture

How Are You Really?

By Jenna Kutcher

For those in their spiritual awakening

The Book of Soul 

By Mark Nepo

For those ready to live a heart-centered life

How to be Loving

By Danielle LaPorte

For those seeking deep healing


By Yung Pueblo

For those cultivating a conscious relationship 

Getting the Love You Want 

By Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

For those ready to leap into something new

The Big Leap

By Gay Hendricks

For the astrology and numerology obsessed

Magic Days

By Nadine Jane

For those seeking to connect to their guides and understand the energetics of current times

Conversations with the Z’s

By Lee Harris

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