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This podcast has brought me so much peace and understanding. Friends I’ve shared it with have been so affected and I’ve seen them grow into their truth from the encouragement of Almost 30. The work you guys do at Almost 30 is beyond inspiring. @happy_whole_hannah

I’ve been an avid listener since day one and cannot thank these ladies enough for providing the tools for the next changes in my life. K + L taught me to lean into the discomfort because this is where the growth happens. So thank you, thank you for proving the information, the supportive community, and this vector of love that is Almost 30. - Lauren W.

I absolutely love what you have both created in your Almost 30 community and podcast. You both are bringing some solid laughs and deep truths forward in your weekly conversations and it I effin' love it. As of late, I’ve been committed to living louder, and being more bold in my asks (getting out of my way, ya feel me?) you two are incredible teachers for this. @beingisbeautiful

This is exactly the podcast I needed in my life. The transition into my 30’s has truly rocked my world (in an amazing and confusing and spiritual way). Krista and Lindsey have allowed me to feel like I’m going through this with thousands of my closest friends. Keep em coming, beautiful girls! - @dgamey

This podcast is the holy grail of health + wellness podcasts. It’s changed my life by providing me with information that would have take decades to find on my own. Still high from their Chicago event, I was SO impressed by how real, approachable, and humble Krista and Lindsey are. These chicks are legit and will give it to you straight. Keep doing what you’re doing because there are SO many people now thriving because of you both. - @kingofqueens22

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