Expansiveness In Stillness + Strength in Slowing Down

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Lindsey dove deep into the idea of slowing down – and how good it can be for you. In this solo episode, she talked misconceptions about taking a beat, what new doors will open for you when you slow enough to meet them, and how to really truly get started. The smallest changes have the biggest impact. So let’s get started! Slowly, but surely.

Listen to the full episode here:

In this post you will learn

  • Why slowing down is a strength, not a weakness
  • How to do more than check off boxes
  • What this means for reconnecting to yourself
  • Which tangible steps you can take to get started
  • How slowing down will have an expansive impact

Why Slow Down?

Consciously slowing down in life, home, work, whatever it may be, is an impactful choice. And it’s not an easy one! In today’s go-getting world, taking a beat may feel like a sign of weakness. When in fact, it’s a strength.

When you allow yourself to slow down, you actually open yourself up to a whole new side of yourself. You allow yourself the time to breath, and just be. And with this openness comes your capacity for growth.

Expansiveness will come in the stillness and the slowness.

Lindsey Simcik on Almost 30

Whether you were forced to slow down, or are forcing yourself to slow down, taking time is important. Consider prompting the change yourself; sometimes when we’re too full speed ahead, and not taking time for ourselves, our bodies will take the situation in their own hands. Slow down preemptively, before you don’t get the choice.

Slowing down should become a part of how we do things. It isn’t really, now. That’s why it feels weird, or even unproductive, to take time. It feels like we’re not worthy. Speed has stripped our sense of worthiness in relation to experience. We deserve to slow down; taking a beat IS worthwhile. Really, it’s invaluable.


Slowing down allows you to see more clearly what is important to you.

If you were to reduce eighty percent of what you do and pursue on a daily or weekly basis, what would be included in that twenty percent that remains?

You’ll realize that slowing down means not simply checking boxes for the sake of clearing your to-do list. You can explore what inspires you, what suits you, and be intentional in your everyday life.

I’ve been really filling my time not with doing doing doing, but rather with my life. What’s in front of me. What’s important to me. What wants to be tended to. Who wants to be connected with.

Lindsey Simcik on Almost 30

Lindsey confesses, sometimes it’s just easier to be where you are. She gets it. If you were to simplify, or slow down, what fears or beliefs come up for you? Change is intimidating. But you can’t have growth without it.

There is a big, bright expansiveness in you. And there’s no need to be afraid of it! It’s always been there, we’ve just forgotten it, because we’re going too fast and doing too much, overstimulated and overtasked with things that don’t matter.

Doing too much is often a sign of splitting yourself. When you feel like you’re not all there, that’s why. When you’re craving being whole again, stop overextending and spreading yourself too thin. Employ a period of slowness, and commit to connecting to yourself. Recenter, reconnect, and return to your true, whole self. She is whole, and she knows it.

Use your words and cast spells on your life.

Lindsey Simcik on Almost 30

Where To Begin

Implementing slowness does not have to mean turning your life upside down. Quite the opposite, actually!

We can start to create a lifestyle in which you build in slow intentionality, stillness, and receptivity in what you do.

If you’re interested in some tangible ways to start (slowly, LOL!), look no further! Lindsey has a few different areas to begin slowing down. You’ll be surprised how easy these changes are to implement, especially for how much of an impact they’ll have.

Simplify your morning routine.

Start at the beginning. Set your tone for the day. Not with a checklist of a ten-step skincare routine and a million things to do before you’ve had breakfast. Allow yourself a mindful moment in the morning, with a few key elements that will foster a calmer, smoother day ahead. That doesn’t mean sleeping in all day. But it does mean that you don’t start your day already feeling behind.

Chew and swallow.

Slow down your eating. Enjoy the meal, without devouring your food too quickly. Join in conversations with your dining companions, appreciate their company, the wine, and your taste buds! Be present in all stages of the meal process, from socializing to saving room for dessert.

Savor your conversations.

Are you really consciously listening and responding? Slow down and think about what the other person said, your thoughts on it, and share that with them. Conversation is a game of playing catch, not a sprint to the finish line, and onto the next topic. Be mindful and present, and your conversational partners will do the same. Conversations dig deeper with intentional, heartfelt questions. It’s a game changer.

Slow down your workouts.

Sounds counterintuitive, we know. But interspersing those high intensity workouts with slower, more mindful activities like yoga is sooo good for you: mind, body, and soul. Appreciate your body’s gifts and movements. Relish in your strength and flexibility. Don’t dismiss the activity as something that needs to be done, be grateful you can! And flourish in that gratitude.

Get out in nature.

If you’re trying to return to your roots, your true self, this is the way to do it. Nature is calming. It’s healing. And it need not rush. Take note!

Turn to music.

Listen to something new, and slower. Harmonize your brainwaves. Decompress. Sound is powerful, and choosing the right sound can dictate our own pace.

Slow Down and See the Difference

These smaller habits will permeate, bleeding positively slowing down into all aspects of your life. Slowing down is the key to unlocking so much. Your happiness, creativity, connectivity.

Don’t be afraid of falling behind. What is for you will never ever miss you. Slow and steady.


Take a deep breath. You got this.


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We're Krista + Lindsey. Co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders, best friends, wellness-obsessed spiritual seekers, alien lovers...and always ch-ch-ch-changing.

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