5 Pre-Production Rituals We Do Before We Record Every Podcast

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We are excited to share with you the five podcast rituals we do before we record. Podcasting doesn’t just begin when you turn on the mic!

There are so many aspects that require our intention and energy before we sit down to record an episode. From preparing for an interview with a guest to setting up our space, and a whole lot more in between, pre-production is an entire process in and of itself. 

In this post you’ll learn:

  • Our five podcast rituals
  • How we prepare for our podcast interviews
  • Why too much research can be negative
  • How we create a space that feels good
  • Why we check in with ourselves before recording each podcast
  • Strategies to check in with yourself
  • What our “final sweep” looks like
  • Our pre-recording prayer
Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams of Almost 30 podcast.

It can be really easy to get caught up in our mental “to-do” list before we even press record, which is why it’s so important that we take the time to ground ourselves. When we feel like we are in the right headspace, our interviews are really reflective of that. 

Sitting down and rushing creates a stressful environment. This is not the energy of our highest selves and certainly not the way we want to come off to our guests. 

When we take the time to ground ourselves beforehand, we find that we ask more thoughtful questions. We are able to listen, like really listen, to each and every word said. The whole interview is driven with intention and overall, feels very heart-centered.  

Here are five podcast rituals we do before we hit record on every podcast:

1. Prepare for our conversation 

We truly believe that a key to Almost 30’s success has been giving ourselves the space and time to noodle on things before an interview. For instance, the two of us will chat for an hour or so in advance of every interview. This allows us to get on the same page and be clear on the direction we want the conversation to go. 

Oftentimes we will read a book our guest wrote, listen to them on other podcasts and just immerse ourselves in their work and world. But there is a cap on this because we never want to overdo our research. 

It’s important to leave room for genuine curiosity, so you’re not feeding them questions you already know the answers to the whole time — our goal is to just have an understanding of who they are. Then, we’ll create an outline of topics we might want to explore throughout the conversation!

Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams of Almost 30 podcast.

2. Create an energetically-balanced space

Wherever we’re recording — New York or Los Angeles — we take the time to set our space through an energetic clearing. We’ll wipe off the counters and clean so that nothing distracts us. 

We’ll also open a window before recording so that there is fresh air in the room and close it before we begin to avoid any noise from outside that could impact our audio quality. 

Sometimes we’ll light a candle for the scent and the vibe. You could even bring in other elements to help ground you, like crystals, a photo that is a positive reminder, or anything else that will bring you into the moment. 

3. Check in with ourselves 

When we finish cleaning our physical space, we check in with ourselves energetically. We can all be really heady and overthink conversations before they even happen, so just before you sit down to record, stand up and put both feet on the ground.

Ideally, if you can get outside and be barefoot on the earth, that is great, but the idea is just to ground yourself, wherever you are. Put on a 60-second to a 3-minute song that you love and just dance it out. Embody the joy, ease, and peace you want to feel in the interview while releasing any expectations, anxieties, or stories that are looping in your mind.

Afterward, we’ll get comfy in our chairs and take deep breaths, while making sure we are able to sit up straight so that we can communicate clearly. You can also massage your arms, tap out your legs, or any other part of your body. Bring in your voice by warming it up through singing, lip trills, or speaking how you will on the podcast. 

4. A final sweep 

Before hitting record, we’ll review any notes we have taken to refresh our memory. We’ll also check on our guest’s social media so we know if anything has recently happened or if there is fresh, relevant information to chat about during the beginning of our conversation. 

5. Pray

Our podcast rituals are complete with prayer. We ask for blessings and call on our spirit teams to guide and support us. We’ll also disinvite any energy that is not there for our greatest and highest good. We make it clear that we want to be a channel for what wants to come through in this conversation and pray we are able to be. 

Krista Williams of Almost 30 podcast.

Then we are ready to hit record! There is no better feeling than sitting down for an interview knowing the hard part is already done. When you’re prepared, you can trust yourself to say the right things and be fully present in the conversation. There is no need to worry about what is said next because the work has already had time to integrate and settle into your mind and body. 

If you’re a podcaster and looking for additional support this year, check out our Podcast Accelerator program and join the waitlist here so you’ll be the first to get updates when enrollment opens.

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We're Krista + Lindsey. Co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders, best friends, wellness-obsessed spiritual seekers, alien lovers...and always ch-ch-ch-changing.

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