Krista Williams’ Experience with Microdosing & Soul Manifestation

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Krista Williams reveals her manifestation journey through the lens of microdosing. 

For the past month, Krista has been intentionally microdosing psilocybin to reconstruct neural patterning and liberate herself from deep-rooted narratives that do not serve her. The results have been phenomenal! 

From connecting to her inner child to feeling ALL her feelings, Krista recounts how microdosing has triggered macro shifts in her relationships, partnerships, and career, as well as inviting creativity and surprise into her life.

Listen to the full episode here:

In this post you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of microdosing 
  • How psilocybin supports neuroplasticity 
  • Manifesting from Soul space vs ego space 
  • Creating from the heart in 2022
  • Limiting beliefs and value systems
  • Takeaways from the journey thus far

How Krista’s Journey with Microdosing Began

Krista here! My husband, Justin, has been microdosing for over a year. He has become more creative and intuitive. It has also helped him manifest a dream he has always had. Although I haven’t been doing it that long (I will only be doing it for three months total), I have noticed that it has been more difficult to connect with things I don’t want to connect with.

Also, I have found it harder to plan for the future. Instead, I long to be in the present and for more rest.

Psilocybin helps you find different neuropathways in the brain to use. Taking new neuropathways can really support us in manifesting from our hearts, which is why I wanted to use psilocybin to bypass my conscious mind.

Through Axis Mundy, I took courses to help support my needs during this journey.

I have used mind-altering substances in the past and they have been powerful for the expansion of my mind. I wasn’t afraid to try something like psilocybin, and my intention was to explore different ways to tap into my creativity.

There is a lot of research around psilocybin and creativity. I wanted to find out what else I could access and create, as well as develop a greater sense of intimacy in my life.

I often feel like no one will ever truly know me. The scared part of me kind of likes that idea, but I want to know that when I die, I will have been seen at my core by the people I love the most. I want others to see the darkest parts of me.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is when you take a sub-perceptual dose of psychedelic medicine, like LCD or psilocybin (I am doing it with psilocybin). When you’re microdosing, you don’t experience any strong hallucinogenic effects.

The recommendation is that you microdose for 30 consecutive days and that you take the dosage that is recommended to you by the person you are getting your source from.

While you don’t perceive anything happening, there are things that are subtly occurring within your brain and body. It’s interesting because low doses have reportedly been taken since as early as the 16th century, but over the years, a lot of traditions involving sacred mushrooms have vanished.

It started to become more prominent with people like Albert Hoffman, who discovered LSD, and Steve Jobs, who said that it was an important part of his career.

There has been a lot of curiosity over the years from people who want to try microdosing as a way to heal, be more creative, and support themselves in their journeys. Psilocybin can create subtle energetic changes for people.

The Benefits of Microdosing

  • Elevates your mood
  • Acknowledge and feel feelings asking to be felt, as you clear space to experience greater peace and joy 
  • Break free from addictive or toxic thinking and behaviors (example: unhealthy eating processes)
  • Enhanced creativity and ability to tap into flow states
  • Increased periods of creativity 
  • Less need for caffeine
  • More tolerant of others 
  • Cultivate new rituals and practices in daily life 
  • Rewrite limiting beliefs 
  • Tune into intuition and receive clarity and guidance from your highest self 
  • Problem solve
  • Deeper connection to self, nature, and the world around you
  • Greater openness when connecting with others
  • More kind, empathic, and productive communication 
  • Heightened ability to tune into and honor your needs
  • Increased presence
  • Tap into a sense of joy, ease, and grace in life (I.e. your flow state).
  • Heightened ability to tune into your needs and honor those needs

How microdosing promotes neuroplasticity

One of the really cool parts is that it promotes neuroplasticity in the brain. I realized that I could really use psilocybin to support me in the rewriting of my brain of old thought patterns and beliefs that are holding me back.

Psilocybin has been proven to help the brain tap into networks by coupling the effects of neuron activity with the release of neurotransmitters. There is a lot of research that suggests that psilocybin sprouts and creates new links across previously disconnected brain regions, temporarily altering the brain’s entire organizational brain network.

Since psilocybin promotes neuroplasticity, it works really well with manifestation, as you’re enhancing and expediting the process. We all know that manifestation involves moving beyond limiting beliefs and expanding into a fully whole, expressed version of yourself that has had to learn to protect itself and hide.

Brain reorganization takes place through mechanisms such as axonal sprouting, which is where undamaged nerve networks develop new nerve endings to reconnect neurons whose links were previously damaged. We see this in Alzheimer’s and a lot of neuro-genetic diseases.

While normal conditions support our neurons’ firing of neurotransmitters along the very well-trodden pathways in the brain, when you’re taking psilocybin, these pathways are destabilized. The neurotransmitters take new roads to new destinations.

When I was thinking of my manifestations, I was looking in the same places for the things that I want and not thinking of new creative ways to think or manifest actual reality. Through psilocybin, I am able to take new roads in order to find creative solutions to the manifestations that I feel blocked with.

My Microdosing Takeaways:

Krista Williams, co-host of the Almost 30 podcast, shares her experience microdosing.

1. The access to joy.

There is an access that we have to joy on a daily basis that we don’t allow ourselves to tap into for reasons that we feel like we have to be productive and working.

There was a point in my life, from 9–5, when I didn’t allow myself to have any joy. I wouldn’t allow myself to take breaks and rest during the week. I realized we all have this access to joy on a daily basis and that we aren’t any more productive when we aren’t in joy than when we are.

Your productivity is found in your joy, and when we find ourselves so far from it, it’s just this process of never being in joy and never allowing peace and flow into our lives. It makes things so much harder.

Life isn’t about being productive all of the time. When we reestablish our values of freedom, rest, and joy, that is more important than being productive. Also, I find I am more productive and focused when I’m in a joy state.

2. Healing can be subtle.

There are subtle ways that we can support ourselves, our dreams, and our goals. Healing can be gentle — it doesn’t need to be this thing where we punish ourselves!

How we do the work is the work.

If we are finding it to be grueling and painful, it’s okay, but how can we love ourselves through the process?

3. Feel your feelings.

What I realized is that feelings don’t take long to feel if we allow ourselves to feel them. We find ourselves continuously met with opportunities to feel certain emotions.

When we allow ourselves to feel our true feelings, it only takes 9 seconds for our body to recognize the feeling, but we often don’t even allow ourselves that time.

We can’t intellectualize our feelings. Feelings aren’t who you are, but they are messengers and guides that allow us to understand ourselves better and allow for more presence and alignment with our higher selves.

My Recommendations

Please know that I am not a licensed medical professional and I”m offering advice based on my own personal experience.

  • Commit to at least 30 days.
  • Take your first microdose on a day where you do not have many commitments, as this will allow you space and time to become familiar with the effects of the medicine. 
  • Your protocol, plus daily rituals, becomes your personal microdosing practice.
  • Committing to a daily practice throughout the protocol will allow you to experience much greater benefit from microdosing all around.
  • Release expectations.
  • There is no magic pill or plant that allows us to bypass the healing our Soul and ego yearn for. 
  • Your microdosing protocol and practice require a commitment of your time, energy, and presence. The medicine will not do your work for you, though it is here to powerfully assist and support you.
  • Talk to a doctor and don’t take this as medical advice.

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We're Krista + Lindsey. Co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders, best friends, wellness-obsessed spiritual seekers, alien lovers...and always ch-ch-ch-changing.

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