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Hey, We're Krista & Lindsey!

Almost 30 is a place where you can come as you are to learn more about the topics that fuel your conscious evolution. Our mission is to inspire and empower you while still keeping it grounded and fun. We're here for your evolution - even the messy parts!

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Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik - Almost 30 Podcast

We are thrilled to highlight the phenomenal humans who just graduated from our 2021 Podcast Accelerator program. Throughout the program, our graduates showed up for themselves and what they believe in with so much consistency and passion. We are truly inspired by their drive, heart-centered focus, and unique voices.

And their podcasts are BOMB…we can’t wait for you to listen! Categories range from mental health, sports, spirituality, love, and so much more. We know that each host is adding such immense value to the podcasting industry and we hope you’ll find a show that deeply resonates with you!

Check Out Their Podcasts:

For the health enthusiast… Listen to Healing in Hindsight with Taylor Daniele.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Healing in Hindsight Podcast

Healing in Hindsight focuses on the experience of being a diabetic as a millennial. Taylor shares her diagnosis, struggles, and everyday learnings while trying to navigate modern living. It’s a space of community, compassion, and understanding to let others know they’re not alone.

For the mental health advocate… Listen to She Persisted with Sadie Sutton.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - She Persisted Podcast

After a year and a half of intensive treatment for severe depression and anxiety, 18-year-old Sadie recounts her journey through meaningful interviews. She Persisted is the reminder that someone else has been there and serves as an inspiration to live life to the fullest.

For the spiritual being… Listen to The Law of Love with Andrea Alejandre.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - The Law of Love Podcast

The Law of Love community consists of ascending souls collectively raising the vibration of this planet. We are all ambassadors of love, seeking to experience this earth school to its fullest potential. We find purpose and light in every lesson, promising to show up fully and authentically with open hearts and minds. 

For the young adult… Listen to Young Adult Path to Progress with Allie Dietz.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Young Adult Podcast

Young adulthood is full of some of the most beautiful and confusing times in your life. As a certified life coach and young adult herself, host Allie Dietz uses her own experiences, her ability to support, and compelling interviews with people forging their own paths to guide her listeners through this tumultuous time of their lives.

“Krista and Lindsey have outdone themselves with the Podcast Accelerator program. I started my podcast in Sept. 2020 and have been searching for a resource to help me grow it.

Coming across this program was the best thing that could have happened for me and my podcast. I am graduating the program with a new passion for podcasting, more confidence in what I can build it into, and a whole new community of supporters who GET me.

The Podcast Accelerator program gave me the space to accept my strengths and weaknesses. Krista and Lindsey’s advice and understanding taught me to give myself grace so I can fully tap into my strengths and find ways to fill in gaps with my weaknesses.

I recommend this program to any podcaster feeling lost and stuck. It will change the game for you as it has for me.”

Allie Dietz

For the Human Design lover… Listen to You Do Woo with Allison Cullen.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - You Do Woo Podcast

This podcast helps you create a life of ease and flow and encourages you to be 100% authentically yourself by following your inner authority and practicing transparency and vulnerability. You Do Woo will be THE place to collect all the tools to help you construct your best life through the lens of Human Design.

For the manifestor… Listen to Our Manifestation Journey with Samantha Pike and Mickayla Pyke.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Our Manifestation Journey Podcast

Our Manifestation Journey is hosted by two sisters who consistently use the law of attraction and manifestation tips, tricks, and strategies to document their growth and inevitable success. Consider them your guinea pigs to show you what‘s possible when you implement conscious manifestation into your own life.

For the holistic health lover… Listen to The Detox Diaries with Nicole Guena.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - The Detox Diaries Podcast

The Detox Diaries is about all things detox — detox for better moods, better health, and better focus! If you’re curious to know why diets suck, how to eat real food that makes you feel energized and satisfied, detox tips, clean beauty, and so much more, then this podcast is for you.

For the growth seeker… Listen to Lit AF with Sarah Cohan.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Lit AF Podcast

Lit AF features coaches, psychics, and entrepreneurs in the wellness industry for people seeking tools and information in their personal growth journey so they can find clarity and inner peace. The show is intended to share wisdom and knowledge to help you on your own path. No dogma and no BS.

For the fitness devotee… Listen to Flourish with Claire Siegel.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Flourish Podcast

Health is about so much more than just food and fitness. Claire Siegel offers practical tips and hosts insightful conversations to help you sustain healthy habits and nourish your body so you can Flourish in life. Claire offers information from an evidence-based, non-diet, weight-inclusive perspective.

For the energetic… Listen to Everyday Perspectives with Erin Panzarella.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Everyday Perspectives Podcast

Everyday Perspectives is a spiritual and intentional podcast fully dedicated to providing an energetic approach to human experiences. Each episode shares wisdom from different practices, mindfulness tools, and healing modalities that have helped host Erin Panzarella transform from feeling like a victim into co-creating with the Universe daily.

For the empath… Listen to Emotional Mastery with Rochelle Christiane.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Emotional Mastery Podcast

Emotional Mastery is a space to learn the processes to self-heal your mind, body, and emotions and to remind you that you are the higher self. Rochelle brings you personal experiences and the experiences of interviewees to expand and find what works for you.

For the optimist… Listen to The PoP Podcast with Erin Groves.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - The PoP Podcast

The PoP Podcast is a place where Erin shares her story, both the good and the bad, to help each and every one of you. Follow along as she creates a community of driven individuals with a passion to serve the people around them. Guests from all different backgrounds share their stories and help cultivate a positive lifestyle by switching their mindset.

For the dreamers… Listen to Break The Matrix: Wake up to your Dream Life with Tiffany Paul.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Break The Matrix

Break the Matrix is a show for those waking up to their dream life by remembering who they truly are. Join host Tiffany Paul as she leads conversations about The Matrix, Spiritual Awakenings, Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Manifestation, Spirit Guides, Aliens, and more.

For the book lover… Listen to DogEared Book Club with Alexandra Shelly.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - DogEared Book Club Podcast

DogEared Book Club is for all the humans obsessed with books, connection, and self-growth. Join Alexandra Shelly as she asks about the books that have impacted the lives of her guests — inspiring leaders and change-makers of various industries.

“I am and will always be endlessly grateful for the opportunity that Krista and Lindsey have given me. The Podcast Accelerator program was not only the highlight of my day/week, but has completely changed the game for me.

The energy that was created every Tuesday evening, the women that I am now blessed to call a lifelong support system, and the lessons I’ve learned are timeless.

I feel even MORE empowered, determined, and spirited. I feel even closer to my purpose than ever before. And certainly I feel less doubtful of my abilities. Krista and Lindsey were more than meant to be — they were absolutely God and Spirit’s way of saying, ‘we believe in you and you believe in YOU.’

Alexandra Shelly

For the business babe… Listen to You’re F*cking Welcome with Sara Dann.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - You're Fucking Welcome Podcast

You’re F*****g Welcome is a podcast dedicated to helping you become the leading lady of your life and the boss of your business. Not only is business explored, but also the human side of entrepreneurship and having the conversations that most people are nervous to have.

For the mindful explorer… Listen to Loving Your Own Soul with Britt Olson.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Loving Your Own Soul Podcast

The intention behind Loving Your Own Soul is to provide listeners with real-life stories, theories, and inspiring perspectives to help them uncover and tap into their own true potential. As Britt likes to say, it is a mindful exploration to living a more fluid life through a deeper connection to the soul.

“The Podcast Accelerator program was everything and more that I could have hoped for. The content was spot on and I received more support than I would have ever anticipated from two people as successful and busy as K&L.

Not only is my show taking on a whole new 2.0 personality, but I will forever have a new outlook on group coaching programs and courses.

These two have set the bar really high moving forward. I couldn’t recommend this program enough! Beyond grateful!”

Britt Olson

For the sports fanatic… Listen to More Than a Season with Ashley Cramer and Brittany Labbe.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - More Than A Season Podcast

More Than a Season dives into being a significant other in the sports industry! Ashley and Brittany, hosts of MTS Podcast, interview men and women across all sports and levels. Whether you’re a coach’s wife, or girlfriend, an athlete’s wife, or girlfriend, or just enjoy talking about sports… you are welcome here!

For the 20-something…Listen to What The F*ck’s Up Podcast with Caitlin Kelley.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - What The F*ck's Up Podcast

On What The F*ck’s Up Podcast, each guest is challenged to face the same underlying question: How do we manage the anxiety of our 20s without having a quarter-life crisis? Host Caitlin delves into what the f*ck is going on and how to stay sane in the face of the most uncertain decade where success isn’t always a through-line.

For the pop culture-obsessed… Listen to A Little Bit Crazy with Kallie House and Emily Madden.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - A Little Bit Crazy Podcast

This lifestyle podcast talks about anything and everything from trends to relationships to fitness, mental health, personal stories, and more. These two best friends, Kallie House and Emily Madden, are here to be your new BFFs. They want you to be driving, walking, in the bath, or wherever, listening to this podcast and find yourself saying, “Oh damn, I really feel that” and know we’re in it together.

For the intuitive… Listen to The GlowJo Podcast with Leanne Kallal.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - The GlowJo Podcast

The GlowJo Podcast is a space for the soulful, creative, and intuitive feelers of the world who are here to experience more, explore more, create more, grow more, connect more, and be more. It’s your new go-to place to have deep conversations about empowerment, business, spirituality, purpose, and self-expansion without them having to be serious or daunting!

For the mystic… Listen to enlivened with Sacha Van G.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Enlivened Podcast

Enlivened is for the multi-passionate mystic rebel who wants to design a life that looks like her and earn a living without sacrificing her soul. From career transitions, life purpose, astrology, spirituality, and creative entrepreneurship, Enlivened features it all. If the boxes of society feel tight for you, this is a must listen!

For the holistic health lover… Listen to The Clean Bee with Madalyn Tavares.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - The Clean Bee Podcast

Life is messy, but it shouldn’t be toxic. Whether that’s the chemicals in your food, thoughts, habits, or old ways of thinking, The Clean Bee Podcast is here to help you cut through the noise and release what is no longer serving you. Join Madalyn each week as she dives into real, honest, and accessible conversations on all things holistic health, wellness, mindset, and spirituality.

“When I joined the Podcast Accelerator program I knew it was just what I needed. As a fairly new podcast, I was looking for guidance and community. Growing and scaling your podcast/business can feel like a lonely project at times (not to mention super overwhelming).

I was looking for a space to provide value that cut through the noise and information overload that is the internet (LOL).

This container was everything I hoped for and more. Not only was there incredible value provided in the actual content but the community and connection made was worth it all x100!

I’ve made actual lifelong friends, done several pod swaps, and having the opportunity to have K + L on my own podcast as guests was the cherry on top! I can’t wait to go over all the content again as I continue to grow and scale my show.

I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to learn and grow from two humans that I genuinely love and look up to so much.

If you get the opportunity to work with K + L, take it! They are genuine, grounding, and a wealth of knowledge.”

Madalyn Tavares

For those who are healing… Listen to Finding Your Freedom with Madeline Bailey.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Finding Your Freedom Podcast

This podcast is about finding your own personal freedom, through stepping into your authentic life, following your dreams, learning how to care for your mental health, and evidence-based neuroscience research. Finding Your Freedom is the podcast for healing, growth, and inspiration.

For the leader… Listen to Lead Today with Kalyna Miletic.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Lead Podcast

Lead: the initiative in an action; an example for others to follow. This podcast uncovers how to lead within our lives daily, discussing self-leadership, corporate leadership, spirituality, how to lead in your relationships, and more.

For the go-getter… Listen to Let’s Get Uncomfy with Annie Graft.

Podcast Pro Accelerator Program - Let's Get Uncomfy Podcast

Let’s Get Uncomfy is a podcast to quit the excuses, ditch the negativity, and own your life. Host Annie believes that you are one decision away from a life-changing pivot. She wants to join your journey to help you build the confidence to go with your gut, lean into your dreams, and be your best self!

We are so proud of each of our graduates and wish them all of the best as they continue their podcasting journey!

You could be next!! If you’re interested in launching, growing, and monetizing your podcast, the Podcast Accelerator is for you! Learn more about it here and sign up here to be the first to know about the next enrollment opportunity!

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  1. Huge congrats / mazel tov to this year’s A30 grads! As ’20 accelerator grads, we know how special this experience was for you, and how cool it is to meet other go-getter indie podcasters, who each shine with your own flavor & style. Even a year later, we’ve done pod swaps, had podcast zoom catch-ups with one another, and of course kept in touch with the fabulous K + L.

    We’re always open to connecting with other podcasters + those who crave creating one! You can find us crEATing, connecting, and collaborating on the ‘gram @creative.cravings! To anyone reading, say hi in our DMs with your fave food emoji 🙂

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We're Krista + Lindsey. Co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders, best friends, wellness-obsessed spiritual seekers, alien lovers...and always ch-ch-ch-changing.

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