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Almost 30 is a place where you can come as you are to learn more about the topics that fuel your conscious evolution. Our mission is to inspire and empower you while still keeping it grounded and fun. We're here for your evolution - even the messy parts!

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Day in the life, huh?!  You asked for it, and I will not spare you a lick of detail LOL. I wanna share a bit of the BTS of Almost 30, how I ensure that I can show up each day as my best self (because I really feel like I’ve honed that lately), the habits that I’m really vibing with, the products that I swear by (most are not sponsored, but I’ll give you codes when I can!), and the personal tidbits that I don’t always share publicly. The following is quite literally a written record of my day this past Thursday 🙂  


6:20 am: Gooooood morning! A solid 8 hours of sleep is my nightly goal aaaaand I hit it last night 🙂 It’s a beautiful sunny morning in LA, which honestly helps me get up and out of bed — anyone else?!  After I lay in bed for about 10 minutes, just stretching and reading a few pages of “Conversations with God” Book 2, I let light in and then I put on my workout clothes right away (I’m really loving these bike shorts and a big sweatshirt like this one). Then I sit in front of my bedroom window and meditate. I find that if I wait too long to meditate in the morning, it’s harder for me to sit down and actually do it. This practice is ever-evolving for me. Right now, I use a self-curated playlist, then practice a simple breathing technique to drop me in, and then I’m off!  Sometimes I will ask my soul a question before meditating and just be and breathe for insight.

7 am: Journaling for a few minutes, writing down any thoughts, questions, or insights post-meditation. TBH, I resist journaling a lot, but I always ALWAYS feel better after I do it. My mind can sometimes feel like a pressure cooker, so writing things down releases some of that pressure and makes room for other possibilities!

7:15 am: Voicenoting Sean — he is three hours ahead and already in the thick of his day. I just wanna tell him I love him. Being in an LDR is all we’ve known over the last year and a half.  I have to say, it has made our communication so strong. Neither of us love living on our phones, so when we do talk we are able to go deeper than the usual “How was your day” vibe.

7:15 am: Prepping and hydrating for my workout. I’ve been loving LMNT (code Almost30). At first I was like, “This is too salty!!!” But our friend Kelly LeVeque reminded me I can add more water to dilute it LOL. Now I love them. These little packets have been a game changer for my hydration. I definitely have more energy. I love the Raspberry flavor 🙂  

7:45 am: Workout time! I love how resilient and creative workout studios have been during the pandemic. For the past month, I’ve been back at Barry’s Bootcamp, where they have a safe, clean outdoor set up. I’m obsessed with Classpass — it just makes signing up for these classes super easy. Feels so good to be back in classes!!! I missed that group vibe — helps motivate me! When it comes to workouts overall, strength training, walking, and yoga are my go-to’s.  Lots of rest and stretching. Gone are my days of overdoing the HIIT and cardio!!  

Post-workout coffee/breakfast plan: Pitstop to satisfy my deep, deep love for a little combo of coffee and healthy fats. My go-to is Bulletproof coffee. I’m not keto or anything like that, but my body really loves it! The fat allows for a slower absorption of the caffeine, so I have energy without the crash. You can make this on your own, too! It’s just high-quality coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCTs. Anyone think of their favorite bev and get giddy to drink it?! Well, this is mine.  My order is: 16 oz Bulletproof Vanilla, light butter, add collagen. After I swing by Bulletproof Cafe in Santa Monica for this expensive-ass coffee (worth it for me), I grab a Breakfast Burrito at Groundworks with eggs, spinach, peppers, onions, aioli, avo…it’s delish. Some days making my own breakfast is not in the cards. Today, I’m going for convenience and owning it hehe.

9 am: Back home to shower and get ready for the day! Lil’ body shower and a dry shampoo will do — would rather focus my energy on prepping for our interviews than blow drying my hair LOL, so Playa Pure Dry Shampoo it is!  While I put on some light make-up (Ilia Beauty and EM Cosmetics are my faves because they are all natural and actually good for your skin), I’m listening to Jamie Kern Lima on a podcast — we are interviewing her today! The morning of interviews, I have my notepad closeby because having done my research prior, I let the guest and their work be top of mind and write down any questions or topics that come up. 

10 am: I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to the cleanliness of my space, so I’m vacuuming and cleaning every surface I can get my hands on. It also helps me clear my mind before an interview. The secret to a great interview? Presence. Listening and being present to the nuance of the conversation and what wants to come through.

10:30 am: Krista arrives at the studio (also my apartment) and we prep for our first interview with Trina Felber (this one you’ll love…it’s all about skin and dental hygiene).

The next few hours are for recording. We have back-to-back interviews with a short break in between, where we eat our Sakara meals (code Almostsakara), the best plant-based meal delivery out there, swear!

After interviews, Krista and I record an intro and outro for a special episode we have coming out mid-April. We share some big news — stay tuned!

5pm: Therapy time! I really, really love my therapist. She came as a recommendation from a dear friend…that’s how I’ve found any therapist I’ve worked with. In addition to being a therapist, she is also an intuitive and angel communicator. Would you expect anything different from me?!  So our work together is unique to say the least! I’ve had profound revelations with her…I’m so thankful to be able to see her every week.

6:15 pm: I love to ground after therapy, so I’m taking a walk to the park at the end of my street.  Shoes off, feet in grass. Is there anything better!? I’ll wait!!!

6:45 pm: As the sun sets, I sit down at my desk and play with my loop station. Music has always been a part of who I am. Whenever I sing and really allow myself to channel through new melodies and lyrics, I just feel complete flow.  Here’s an example!

7:30 pm: I’m making dinner with my brother tonight. He is staying with me briefly, so I’m soaking up this time with him. I’m the oldest and he’s the youngest — 8 years between us! He’s such a good cook, so I let him do most of the work because I’m tired LOL. We are cooking grass-fed steak, broccolini, shitake mushrooms…..aaaand pasta with pesto! We watch an episode of Formula 1 on Netflix while we eat. Not so peaceful, but I enjoy watching things he’s interested in…helps me learn something I never would have and I’m able to ask him a ton of questions 🙂  Not sure he loves that, but he’s super patient and answers them all.  

8 pm: Bath time. Your girl is increasing her bath count per week. I never really understood why my mom took a bath every night growing up. Now I do. Because they ROCK. I’m using this Milk Bath from Milk + Honey (code Almost30), and I’m just obsessed with how incredible it smells and how smooth it leaves my skin. Called Sean from the bath tonight to say good night, nearly dropped my phone in the water — a very ‘me’ move.

9:30 pm: I’m giddy…bed before 10pm!?!?!  This is bliss. I love getting over 8 hours of sleep. I take sleep very seriously. My prep for bed looks something like this:

  1.  Indulgent skincare routine, which includes tons of oil (I love the “Luxe Face Oil” from Milk + Honey).
  2. Dental routine that includes flossing, tongue scraping, AND a round of my water pick.  
  3. BLUblox Sleep+ glasses on – Sleep+ are the best blue light blocking glasses available for optimising sleep, recovery, and balancing hormones (code Almost30)!
  4. I read for about 20 minutes. Right now I’m reading Book 2 of “Conversations with God.”
  5. Then I repeat a mantra: Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha. This mantra calls upon the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and abundance, Lakshmi. I say this mantra 108 times, using my Mala beads as a guide.
  6. Then, with my hands on my heart, I’ll have a convo with God! Lots of gratitude, divine processing, and some hearty asks.
  7. Then I’m ready for 8+ hours!  

Ok friends, that was the longest post ever!! I appreciate you asking me to share this. It was fun!  

If you have any questions or thoughts, let me know!!



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We're Krista + Lindsey. Co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders, best friends, wellness-obsessed spiritual seekers, alien lovers...and always ch-ch-ch-changing.

We started this show on our messy closet floors, and now here we are four years later with a top 50 podcast and a community of millions. We’re here to be your guides, friends, and virtual bff’s — and to remind you that you are here for a purpose, and that you’re never alone. 

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