Are you looking for the best mindfulness podcasts and the best podcasts for positive thinking to enrich your life? We’re so excited you found Almost 30.

If you’re new to Almost 30 Nation, welcome. Almost 30 is a lifestyle, wellness, and mindfulness podcast here to guide, empower, and support you. Created by Los Angeles-based best friends Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, Almost 30 started as a conversation about the transition between our 20s and 30s. But as we evolved, we realized it was about so much more. We wanted it to be one of the leading positive podcasts for anyone, no matter their age, who they are, where they live, or what they’re going through. We aim to deliver authentic conversations, diverse points of view, and insights rooted in optimism, growth, and intention. 

We cover a wide range of topics, including health and wellness, spirituality, self development, entrepreneurship, culture, social justice, and more. Almost 30 is one of the best podcasts for learning and each episode will teach you something new (about yourself and the world around you) and make you laugh at the same time. 

Almost 30 is for anyone seeking more passion, purpose, knowledge, and joy in their lives. Come listen if you’re looking for positive thinking podcasts and the best podcasts to listen to at work, in the car, at the gym, at home, anywhere! 

As one of the best interview podcasts, we’re proud to interview incredible guests including: 
Andy Mant
Lalah Delia
McKell Hill
Jenne Claiborne
Cal Newport
Hannah Bronfrman 
John Wineland 

We’re also proud that Almost 30 is one of the most listened to podcasts with more than 12 million downloads in over 161 countries. The Almost 30 Nation community is a group of inspiring, dedicated, and loyal listeners from all over the world who connect to support and uplift each other. Finding motivating podcasts is great but finding and connecting with a like minded community is even better!

Episodes From Amazing Podcasts: 


Light Management for Optimal Mental + Physical Health with Andy Mant


Vibrating Higher with Lalah Delia

“I have been listening to the Almost 30 podcast for a couple years now, since close to the beginning I think! I love the authenticity that Krista and Lindsey have. They are living their best life and helping me to do so too. They keep it real which always reminds me to remember to be myself and feel less alone as a 30-year-old woman in this crazy world! I am so grateful for this community they have created, and I love that I can always rely on a fun conversation or some real talk about the stuff we aren’t hearing about in everyday conversations. Keep up your hard work girls, it doesn’t go unnoticed!” - BRAN RENT

“I just started listening to Almost30 Podcast a couple of months ago and I have to say I’m obsessed. My daily commute is so much more enjoyable with Lindsey and Krista! I love the authentic conversations, the belly laughs, and the friendship. I have discovered so many wonderful new products from the Almost30 sponsors including SKINNY DIPPED ALMONDS (my FAVE), Athletic Greens, and Daily Harvest. This podcast came into my life totally by chance and I am so glad it did. As an Almost 30 something myself, these conversations are exactly what I need to hear to challenge, understand, accept, and love myself during this transition in life. I couldn’t do it without the help of Lindsey, Krista, and the beautiful community they have created. Keep the amazing content coming sweet ladies!” - MCK717

Rave reviews from the Almost 30 community: 



Veganism + Sustainable Living with Jenne Claiborne


Hannah Bronfman on Doing What Feels Good

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