If you’ve been looking for podcast recommendations for free motivational podcasts, we’re so happy that you found us. If you’re new to our Almost 30 community, here’s the gist: Almost 30 is one of the top motivational podcasts, exploring topics like self development, spirituality, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, culture, social justice, and more.

Created by Los Angeles-based best friends Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, Almost 30 started as a conversation about the transition between our 20s and 30s but it has evolved into so much more than that, so we expanded our mission. We are here to guide and motivate you through any transition in your life with compassion, insight, laughter, and lots of love. Like all good motivational podcasts, Almost 30 provides actionable takeaways, insightful learnings, and a community to support you. And as one of the most entertaining podcasts, Almost 30 provides hilarious, real, and raw conversations to make you smile and make you think. 

We’re proud that Almost 30 has become one of the top podcasts on Spotify and iTunes with more than 12 million downloads and a consistent spot on top of the iTunes charts (in both the health and overall categories). 

Almost 30 is for anyone looking for: 
Inspiring and uplifting podcasts 
Lifestyle podcasts for 20 somethings and all ages
Health and wellness podcasts
Motivational podcasts on Spotify and iTunes 
Entrepreneurship podcasts
Self development podcasts
Good podcasts for young adults (and for any age) 

Some of our awesome motivational podcast guests include: 
Gabrielle Bernstein 
Cathy Heller
Angela Manuel-Davis
Khalil Rafati 
Charity Lighten
Candice Kumai 
Matthew Lillard
And many more!

Motivating Podcasts and Episodes: 


Conscious Pivoting, Relationships, and Shining Your Light with Candice Kumai


Charity Lighten on Fighting for Peace + Happiness in the Wake of a Cancer Diagnosis


 The Expressionist: Social Anxiety, Finding Joy, and Doing Good with Matthew Lillard

“First off, I’m new to podcasts and so I found Almost 30 from a google search! AMAZING💯 I’ve been feeling really lost and needed some direction on how to take control of my life. Every episode I’ve listened to, you can totally relate! I listen on my commute to work and it makes me laugh and think! LOVE YOU GALS so much! 💕” - SEIKERZ
“This is more than a podcast, it’s a sisterhood. Krista and Lindsey inspire me every day to live my life to its fullest potential. These women are not only smart and funny, they care for their community of women they have brought together to live happier and healthier lifestyles. I love the diverse topics and how open these girls are to discussing their own personal journeys with us. I’m thankful for Krista and Lindsey for all that they do and I’m proud to be a member of the Almost 30 Nation.” - REAGEN N.
“Krista and Lindsey have been making such a beautiful impact in my life for over a year now. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon the Almost 30 Podcast, but I am so grateful that I did. Listening to K+L, I honestly feel like I’m hanging out with a couple long time girlfriends, laughing and crying together. I appreciate all the amazing guests that share a wealth of information and various perspectives that challenge my thinking and help me to continue to grow and thrive. I attended my first live event in Chicago, and my appreciation for not only this podcast but this amazing community has grown. Thank you, thank you, thank you for always being a bright light in my day.” - KJ

Amazing reviews for Almost 30: 



Gabrielle Bernstein on Being a ‘Super Attractor’ + Overcoming Postpartum Depression

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